August 5, 2020

Dear Campus Community,

I am pleased to share some great news with you today. Following recommendations from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities’ (NWCCU) Seven Year Mission Fulfillment and Sustainability Evaluation of MSU Billings which occurred in 2018, we have­­ recently received a glowing report from the NWCCU’s virtual visit this past April, commending the university for turning the ship around in such a short amount of time.

For the past two years, many of you have worked tirelessly toward achieving the recommendations set forth by the NWCCU, which were to develop meaningful strategic plan metrics, continually update and revise job descriptions to accurately reflect the job duties of each employee, and to develop a plan to monitor internal and external environments to inform and guide our strategic direction, including a review and revision of our mission, core themes, core objectives, goals or intended goals of programs and services, and indicators of achievement. As a result, we have achieved the top recommendations from the NWCCU, which we should all be very proud of.

The NWCCU's peer reviewer, Associate Provost for Accreditation, Academic Planning, and Assessment Bernadette Jungblut from Central Washington University, conducted a virtual MSUB campus visit this April. She reported her findings back to the NWCCU with the following statement: “MSUB has completed a tremendous amount of work in a very short time and is to be highly commended for its efforts. During the virtual site visit, it was made abundantly clear that MSUB faculty, staff, and administrators really do put ‘Students First.’ That statement is not just the title of MSUB’s very strong, well-developed Strategic Plan 2019-2026, it is the embodiment of the entire institution.”

This great news was recently shared with our interim Chancellor Groseth, who expressed his gratitude for the daily hard work of MSUB’s faculty and staff resulting in this glowing report, and added that this really does assure current and prospective students and the public that MSUB is a first-rate institution in which they can have every confidence.

This was an enormous undertaking for MSUB and incredible achievements have been made. We should all be proud of these accomplishments and continue our work to move this institution in the right direction to be ready for the future. 


Melinda Arnold