Institutional Research provides the following core services:

  • Required internal and external institutional reporting
  • Student course evaluation administration
  • MSUB Data Warehouse development, documentation, and maintenance
  • Tableau desktop and Tableau server application development and maintenance
  • Institutional data edits and data validation
  • Qualtrics administration and general survey support
  • Comprehensive Institutional Research, including in-depth topical research and analysis


Send your data requests by email to irdata@msubillings.edu


Zach Delger

Zach Delger

Data/Research Analyst
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Lingya Ma

Data/Research Analyst
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Darin Metcalfe

Computer Systems Analyst
Joann Strkyer

Joann Stryker

Director, Institutional Research


Student Information

Fall 2023 Census - September 26, 2023

Spring 2024 Census - February 6, 2024


Fall Surveys - Due October 18, 2023

Institutional Characteristics


12-month Enrollment

Winter Surveys - Due February 7, 2024

Student Financial Aid

Graduation Rates

200% Graduation Rates

Outcomes Measures

Spring Surveys - Due April 3, 2024

Fall Enrollment


Human Resources

Academic Libraries

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