2018-2019 Members

Faculty Members

Vern Gagnon – Vice President
Craig McKenzie – Representative
Heather Thompson-Bahm – Representative
Victor White – Representative
Bruce Brumley – State President

Administration Members

Dr. Dan Edelman
Dr. Melinda Arnold
Dr. Vicki Trier
Ms. Trudy Collins

4.10 UNION/MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE Joint union-management committees will be established at each College for the purpose of discussing any matters of mutual concern and to improve communications between the Employer and members of the bargaining unit. The committees shall consist of not more than three members appointed by the Union and three members appointed by the Employer, or an alternative equal number of Union and Employer-appointed members mutually agreed to by the Employer and Union. The committees shall meet at a mutually-agreeable time, place, and date within a reasonable length of time following the request of either party. Five working days prior to the agreed meeting date, each party shall provide the other with a list of items which it wishes to discuss; however, this requirement may be waived by mutual agreement. The committees may not amend this agreement nor may they be used to bypass the contractual grievance procedure.