Whether you are interviewing for a position or doing an informational interview, it is critical to follow up with a quick thank you note within 2 days of the interview. It is important to remember that a thank you note is much more of a follow up note than just thanking someone for their time.

You want to follow up in a way that demonstrates your enthusiasm for the position and builds upon your conversation. You're helping to jog the hiring manager or recruiter's memories of you because when interviewing several candidates for a position it can be difficult to remember all the nuances of each and every interview.

Simply sending a thank you note isn't enough to stand out from the competition.  The note has to be both personalized and well-crafted. Keep in mind that it is perfectly acceptable to email your follow up note and sometimes if you utilize mail, it may not even be opened until after a decision is made.
Here are tips to help you:

  • Be Sincere & Personal:

    Don't send a generic note. Like you resume and cover letter, a follow up note should be specific to each job you apply for or interview you go to. Remind the interviewer of your conversation, reference specific topics that came up. Include something about your interview that you enjoyed or found interesting.
  • Reiterate Your Best Qualities & Show Your Enthusiasm

     A thank you note is literally the last chance you have to sell yourself to employers. Tell them why you are excited about the position and remind them of some of your skills that fit well with what they are looking for.
  • Pay Attention & Show Off Your Listening Skills:

    Show that you're aware of the culture of the company and know about the organization and their mission. Refer to things that you learned about the organization in your interview. This shows that you were really focused on what was going on in your conversation.
  • Proofread, Proofread, Proofread:  

    Ensure that your note has proper spelling and grammar. Additionally, double and triple check that the note is addressed to the right person  and that their name is spelled correctly.