MSU Billings Faculty Web - Grading Instructions

Click here to go to the Faculty Web Login Page

During the Grading period, the Web time-out session is extended to 60 minutes. This is to accommodate grading of large class sections. The Web will automatically log you out after 60 minutes. To ensure your grades are being submitted, please Submit Changes often to save your grades!

You have 5 tries to login correctly. If unsuccessful, your PIN will be disabled. You must contact the Admissions and Records Office to re-activate your PIN.

Please note the web grade sheet lists 25 students per page. To advance sheets click on the forward arrow located below the course name and section information.

Please be sure to press the SUBMIT CHANGES button at the bottom of the grade sheet when finished with grades. This is required to SAVE the grades in the system. To print the grade sheet, click on the printer icon on your browser. Be sure to SIGN completed grade sheets.

Beginning Friday, December 6, grades will be "rolled" daily. This process posts the final grade to the student's transcript. Once grades are rolled, the grades cannot be changed via the Web. If you need to change a grade for a student, you must complete a Change of Grade form and forward it to Admissions and Records.

Completed grade sheets need to include YOUR SIGNATURE. Please turn in your grade sheets to your department for delivery to Admissions and Records.

1. University Home Page

  • Click on Academics, Click on FACULTY WEB LOGIN icon
  • Click the Login to Secured Area.
  • Enter your Social Security Number in the User ID box
  • Enter your PIN - 6 digit number (Your birth date or the your personal 6 digit number).
  • Press Login button
  • Verify login by re-entering your PIN in the box
  • Press Login

2. Select Faculty & ADVISORS for course information   2

3. Select Final Grades

  • Select Term
  • Select CRN - course to enter grades
  • Press Submit CRN button

4. Click arrow in Grade field

  • Select Grade for each student
  • Press Submit Changes button when finished.

The grade changes you made were saved successfully appears at top of worksheet.

5. Press PRINT Icon on menu bar.

6. At bottom of worksheet, press CRN Selection.

  • Press down arrow for list of courses.
  • Select next course
  • Press Submit CRN button
  • Faculty Final Grade Worksheet appears.
  • Continue with All courses.


  • Press EXIT in upper right corner of worksheet

Sign Grade Sheet


Questions? Send e-mail to:Registrar