The chosen name request service is the method by which members of the campus community can request to use a chosen name on campus.

A chosen name is a first, middle, and/or last name that is different from your legal name. A chosen name is one you wish to use during your employment or academic career at the University.

No, you do not have to request a chosen name. This service is for people who wish to be known by a name other than their legal name.

Any student, faculty, or staff at any Montana State University campus.

People use a chosen name for any number of reasons. Here are some of the major ones:

  • They wish to be known by a nickname.
  • They use an abbreviated form of their first name.
  • They use their middle name in place of their first name.
  • They wish to use their former last name professionally.
  • They wish to use a pseudonym such as pen name or stage name (common in literature and the arts).
  • To adopt a local name (International students.)
  • To provide an added degree of safety for victims of physical, sexual, or other types of violence.
  • To align with an individual's gender, religious or other protected class identity.

You may request a chosen name using the chosen name request service which will be made available in MyInfo starting October 21st, 2021.

This service is scheduled to go-live October 21, 2021.

Please see Terms & Conditions

Students, faculty, and staff may have their chosen name printed on their UCard.  This is optional and replacement charges will apply.

A UCard which display’s a chosen name can no longer be used as a form of legal identification.

Students, faculty and staff members are free to determine the chosen name they wish to be known by in the University's information system. The University reserves the right to deny or remove any chosen name that disrupts the academic or work environment of the University.

Yes. There are many instances where a legal name must continue to be used. Please refer to Terms and Conditions.

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