Endorsements to an existing secondary/K-12 license can be obtained by completion of a teaching minor.  Teaching minors and endorsement areas offered at MSUB can be found at Degrees and Programs.  Please note that not all teaching minor coursework is offered online.  We may be able to work with you on taking online coursework from other accredited universities. All coursework from other institutions must be pre-approved by the advisor. Our early childhood, mathematics, and reading teaching minors, along with the Special Education endorsement, are the only minors/endorsements offered completely online.

Elementary licensed educators desiring to add a secondary endorsement to enable them to teach at the high school level must complete the non-degree Teacher Licensure Secondary education program Teacher Licensure and Endorsements at MSUB in addition to the teaching minor (if offered) content coursework.  Education coursework substitutions will be made by the College of Education advisor. Both the Graduate Practicum and Student Teaching are required to be completed. However, if obtaining an endorsement while participating in an OPI Teaching Internship or with a Class 5 licensure endorsement, the candidate may complete both in their own classroom.

To obtain an endorsement with MSUB you will need to apply through Graduate Studies. A criminal background report will be required for the admission process. Review the Fingerprint Handout (PDF) and Frequently Asked Questions available from Fingerprint & Background Check Information.

  • If the school where you are employed wants you to teach in the endorsement area you seek, the Class 5 provisional license and the OPI Teaching Internship are both acceptable options for Montana Educators to add an endorsement. Both options provide candidates pathways to allow three years to complete all endorsement requirements. The preferred option should be the OPI Teaching Internship as Licensure rule only allows for one Class 5 per teaching license in an educator lifetime. 

OPI Teaching Internship

To obtain more information please contact David Blair:

Blair, Mr. David
Adjunct Professor, Field Experience Coordinator
Educational Theory and Practice


Class 5

To obtain more information please contact Jennifer Burns:

Burns, Jennifer
Licensure Officer
Educational Theory and Practice