Contact:  Jennifer Burns, 657-2293 

education students in class on the MSUB University campusThe Educator Preparation Program at Montana State University Billings may be completed by students enrolled in the College of Education, the College of Arts and Sciences, the College of Allied Health Professions, and Graduate Studies. 

All students desiring licensure to teach are required to file an Application for Admission to the Educator Preparation Program. The application is completed during the semester following the completion of a minimum of 45 semester hours of credit, or in the case of a transfer student, during the first term of residence above the sophomore level or the first term of graduate studies enrollment. 

Requirements for admission are described on each application. Approval of this application is necessary prior to registration for Educator Preparation Program courses at the 300 and 400 levels. 

Admission to the Educator Preparation Program is granted through the Educational Theory and Practice Office (ETP) in the College of Education, Room 261. The Department Chair notifies each student upon acceptance in the program. 

Admission Applications - Educator Preparation Program

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