Jan. 29, 2024

Dear Campus Community,

I am pleased to introduce two statements that reflect MSU Billings’ commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion and our recognition of the heritage of the land on which our university stands. 

The following Diversity Statement and Land Acknowledgment have been carefully developed through collaborative and thoughtful discussion. I want to thank those who contributed to shaping the Diversity Statement, the DEI Task Force under the leadership of Dr. Jennifer Lynn and Dr. Ana Diaz. I additionally want to give recognition to Sunny Day Real Bird for her work to produce the Land Acknowledgment.

To make our values clear, these statements will be posted on our website, and you are welcome to use them. Thank you for your dedication to ensuring that MSUB is a place where all know that they are valued and belong. 
MSU Billings Diversity Statement:

Montana State University Billings strives to promote a diverse and inclusive campus where all students, faculty, staff, and alumni feel supported, connected, and valued in a welcoming campus community. We are committed to sustaining a culture of individual success, personal and intellectual growth for all, while respecting the dignity and rights of all persons. We prioritize the efforts that create and support different working, teaching, research and learning environments by celebrating and respecting the various dimensions of people’s identities and the complex way in which these identities interact.

MSUB is proud to serve these numerous dimensions amongst people, which include but are not limited to ability, age, appearance, athletic and student organization involvement, ethnicity, family/marital status, gender, gender expression, immigration status, language, military/veteran status, nationality, political ideology, race, religion, spirituality, sex, sexuality, socioeconomic status, as well as other personal identities and experiences.

MSU Billings Land Acknowledgment:

We acknowledge and honor, with respect, the Indigenous Nations on whose traditional homelands Montana State University Billings now stands and whose historical and cultural relationships with the land continue to this day. Many Indigenous peoples thrive in this place—alive and strong. 


Stefani Hicswa, Ph.D.

Jan. 17, 2024

Dear Campus Community:

Please join me this Thursday, January 18, from 11:30-12:30 in LA 205 for free coffee and conversations.

For those of you who cannot attend in person, please join us virtually using Teams.

I look forward to seeing you and catching up as we start the new semester!


Stefani Hicswa, Ph.D.

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