What is Service Sting?

Service Sting is our online portal for submitting volunteer and service hours. Our goal is to honor and celebrate the contribution that each volunteer makes through service in our community. Service Sting runs from September through May each academic year.

How does Service Sting work?

It's simple.

  1. Volunteer your time
  2. Log your hours
  3. Receive awesome prizes

What types of activities quality for Service Sting?

Great question. The good news is that you probably already qualify and don't even know it. Go you!

Hours can include:

  • Volunteer projects sponsored by MSUB (e.g. Service Saturday, Night on the Van, Food Drives, Blood Drives, Student United Way etc.)
  • Service projects connected to academic courses (e.g. ASC111 First Year Experience Seminar class etc.)
  • Any volunteer hours as part of a student organization or club (e.g. Accounting club)
  • Any volunteer hours as part of a sports or athletics team
  • Any volunteer hours required for awards or grant scholarships
  • Any volunteer hours you commit outside of MSUB (being a mentor, serving on a board of directors, being a coach, volunteering at your church etc.)

Who is eligible for Service Sting?

Any member of the MSU Billings community is eligible for Service Sting, including students, staff, faculty and administration.

How do I submit my hours?

Log your volunteer and service hours here:


Last year, our athletics students donated approx. 1800hrs of volunteer and service hours to the local community

Are there any incentives for submitting my hours?

Oh yes. We have such sweet loot.

We offer a tier-based incentive program where volunteers receive prizes depending on their level.

  • All level 1 volunteers receive a gift pack for submitting 5hrs or more
  • Levels 2-4 volunteers are entered into a prize draw
  • Level 5 volunteers will be selected by a review committee and awarded at the Leadership Recognition Program event

The more hours you submit, the more awesome prizes you can win!



5hrs+ (all volunteers)
  • $5 Starbucks card
  • Yellowjacket Emergency Pantry decal




15hrs+ (30 x winners)
  • Volunteer branded t-shirt
  • Volunteer branded mug

40hrs+ (10 x winners)
  • $30 Amazon gift card
  • Amazon Echo Dot
  • Fitbit Fitness Tracker
  • Hydro Flask
  • Wireless Phone Charger


75hrs+ (3 x winners)
  • Bose Headphones
  • iPad
  • Keurig coffee machine
  • Nintendo Switch




Solo Award
  • Framed certificate from the Chancellor and Governor
  • Trophy in Service Sting Hall of Fame
  • $250 scholarship award OR $250 gift voucher of choice (e.g. Amazon, Delta)
Best Team/Student Organization (<25 members)
  • Trophy in Service Sting Hall of Fame
  • Sodexo based themed meal
Best Team/Student Organization (25> members)
  • Trophy in Service Sting Hall of Fame
  • Sodexo based themed meal

How do I claim my sweet loot?

Level 1: Claim from the Center for Engagement, Student University Building, Room 219-222

Level 2-5: Attend the Leadership Recognition Program on Tuesday, April 14th, 2020 in the SUB Glacier Room, University Campus, 5pm-7pm

How are Service Sting hours used?

Service Sting hours are used as a measure of the number of high-impact service projects taking place at MSU Billings. Internally, we use the data to inform decisions relating to student engagement while also building sustainable programs with non-profit community partners. Importantly, the data is also used externally by Montana Campus Compact (MTCC) and the Governors Office for Community Service to assess civic and community engagement of higher education institutions at the state and nation level.


Service Sting - Feb 2020



 Further information

Please contact the Civic Engagement Coordinator, Peter Buchanan, at the Center for Engagement on (406) 896-5817 or email peter.buchanan1@msubillings.edu if you have any questions.