Service Sting is the online portal used to record your completed volunteer and service hours. Our goal is to recognize and celebrate the contribution that each volunteer makes through service in our community. Any member of the MSU Billings community is able to use Service Sting to record their volunteer hours, including students, staff, faculty and administration. By logging your hours with Service Sting students are entered to win monthly prizes. All service hour submitters are entered for an end of Semester prize for most hours of approved service completed as well as prize drawings at our annual Volunteer Recognition Event. 

Prizes will be awarded to one student each month. This winners will be chosen randomly out of those who log their hours. Look out for an email the first week of each month announcing your win! 

All service hours count unless:

  • You receive payment or other compensation for your service.
  • Your hours are completed for an organization that pays you to do the same work you were doing while you volunteered.
  • The service is solely helping a friend or family member.
  • The service is purely religious in nature (Teaching Sunday school would not count, Making meals for the homeless at church would count).
  • Your hours are for a political campaign.
  • Your hours are court ordered.
  • Your hours are completed for a for-profit institution.
  • Your hours are not related to a community need or a community focused organization.

If hours are submitted that do not meet the above guidelines they will not be counted. If you are unsure if your hours meet the above requirements, please reach out to the Community Engagement Coordinator for clarification. 

How does our prize program work?

Log your volunteer hours that comply with the listed requirements above. Once you have logged your hours wait for the end of the semester and you will be notified if you are a winner. Winners are chosen at the end of the semester. Prizes for end of semester winners who have the most hours could include a speaker, Hydro-flask or Beats headphones

For residence hall students who log their hours talk to your RA about how you can win a Pizza & Ice Cream Party for volunteering!

Join us for our Volunteer Recognition Event in 2024 Date: TBD 

Drop in and get some food as we honor everyone who volunteered this past year. All volunteers welcome! (Must have volunteered to attend)

How are Service Sting hours used?

Service Sting hours are used as a measure of the number of high-impact service projects taking place at MSU Billings. Internally, we use the data to inform decisions relating to student engagement while also building sustainable programs with non-profit community partners. Importantly, the data is also used externally by Montana Campus Compact (MTCC) and the Governors Office for Community Service to assess civic and community engagement of higher education institutions at the state and nation level.