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College of Business Administration & Staff

Burke, Ms. Kathie
Administrative Associate
  McD 300
B.S., Creighton University, 1970; M.B.A., (audited) University of Montana, 1998

Wheeling, Dr. Barbara
  McD 300

Business Administration Department Faculty & Staff

Amundson, Mr. Gary
Adjunct Instructor, Business/Finance
  McD 203
B.S. Business Education, Montana State University, 1973; M.S. Business Education, Montana State University, 1981
Adjunct Instructor Gary Amundson leads the Internship Program and the Online Business Degree. He was honored with the MSU Billings 2007 Faculty Excellence Award for Non-Tenured Faculty and an Outstanding Teacher for 2002-2003. At the University of Arizona he was given Emeritus Status in 2004 for his significant work on the Industry Advisory Council. Gary has conducted business throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Europe.

Boumediene, Dr. Salem
Assistant Professor, Accounting/Business
  McD 207
B.S., University of Tunis, Tunisia, 1987; M.A., Southern Illinois University Carbondale, 1991; Ph.D., University of Tunis El Manar, Tunisia, 2012.
Dr. Salem Boumediene has been publishing in international accounting and business journals. He has taught accounting for 22 years in both undergraduate and graduate levels. Dr. Boumediene has 20 years of experience working with small and large international corporations.

Butterfield, Dr. Scott
Associate Professor of Accounting
  McD 208

Campbell, Mr. Michael
Department Chair, Professor, Accounting, CPA
  McD 304B
B.S., Colorado State University, 1971; M.S., Colorado State University, 1975; C.P.A.
Professor Michael Campbell, MS, CPA, has experience as an auditor for a Big-4 accounting firm, as an accountant for a national manufacturing company and as Controller and Chief Financial Officer for a large not-for-profit organization and a real estate development company. He is a specialist in accounting systems implementation.

Dockery, Ms. Brenda
Adjunct Instructor, Marketing
  McD 310
B.S.B.A., MSU Billings, 2001; M.S., Eastern Michigan University, 2010.
Brenda Dockery is an Adjunct Instructor of Marketing. She teaches undergraduate courses in principles of marketing and professional selling. Brenda has dedicated her teaching to help students understand the realm of marketing through experiential marketing exercises. Her marketing curriculum includes mystery shops, cold calls, marketing plans and relationship building. Brenda brings to the college more than 25 years of advertising experience in radio, television and newspaper. In addition, she holds a Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) from Eastern Michigan University.

Farsio, Dr. Farzad
Professor Emeritus, Economics, Finance
B.A., Tehran University, 1976; M.B.A., Northrop University 1978; Ph.D., Claremont Graduate School, 1989
Dr. Farzad Farsio is a primary author of the textbook Understanding Macroeconomics co-authored with Professor Edwin Dolan of Yale University. He has also published numerous articles in refereed journals, some of which have been coauthored with MSU Billings Finance students. His recent works have been published in Journal of Business and Economic Perspectives, The Financier, Journal of Accounting and Finance Studies, and Indian Journal of Economics and Business. He was the recipient of the Faculty Achievement Award at MSU Billings, three years consecutively, the most recent one in 2007.

Gurney, Mr. Brian
Adjunct Assistant Professor, Management
  McD 201
B.S., University of Colorado, 1987; M.B.A., University of Colorado, 1989
Adjunct Assistant Professor Brian Gurney brings years of experience directing project managers in the mining equipment industry. He has received $2.5 million in grants to conduct cutting edge research in the area of hydrogen fuel cell technology, partnering with such organizations as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Montana-Dakota Utilities, and Stillwater Mining. He manages the most sophisticated wireless telecommunications supported fuel cell site in the US, and the only energy producing fuel cell site in Montana.

Harris, Dr. R. Scott
Associate Professor, Economics
  McD 258
B.A., University of California-Davis, 1971; M.A., U.C.L.A., 1975; Ph.D., U.C.L.A., 1985 (1988)

Heiat, Dr. Abbas
Professor, Information Systems
  McD 106
B.A., Tehran Business College, 1971; M.B.A., Oklahoma City University, 1975; Ph.D., Portland State University, 1987
Dr. Abbas Heiat has been the Director of Information Systems for Western Decision Sciences Institute for 15 years and is published in the International Journal of Global Business and Economics, International Journal of Business Research, Journal of International Academy of Business and Economics, European Journal of Management, Journal of Systems and Software, The Journal of Information and Software Technology , Journal of Information Systems Education, and specializes in systems analysis & design, data mining, business intelligence, decision support systems, simulation, programming and networking.

Heiat, Dr. Nafisseh
Professor, Information Systems
  McD 105
B.A., Tehran Business College, 1971; M.B.A., Oklahoma City University, 1975; Ph.D., Portland State University, 1988
Dr. Nafi Heiat is currently the Conference Chair for the Western Decision Science Institute. She is published in the International Journal of Global Business and Economics, International Journal of Business Research, Journal of International Academy of Business and Economics, and specializes in database management, data warehousing, geographic information systems, and programming.

Hill, Dr. Joshua
Assistant Professor, Economics
  McD 204

Johnson, Dr. Debra
Associate Professor, Accounting/Business Law, CPA
  McD 253
B.B.A., Grand Valley State University, 1981; M.B.A., Marquette University, 1998; J.D., Marquette University, 2003
Dr. Debra Johnson brings 21 years of tax, legal and accounting experience, having worked for large multinational corporations, including General Electric. Dr. Johnson was the International Transfer Price Director at GE Medical Systems. Dr. Johnson has a MBA degree from Marquette University and a JD from Marquette University Law School. She also has her CPA and attorney licenses. She has published her research in the Journal of Accounting – the most prestigious journal in the accounting field. Dr. Johnson has also worked with the Montana Department of Transportation.

Larsen, Dr. Don
Associate Professor, Management
  McD 202
B.S., Bringham Young University, 1988; M.B.A., Utah State University, 1994; Ph.D., University of Missouri, 2001
Dr. Don Larsen brings experiential learning to his courses in management, leadership, and human resource management. He brings knowledge to the classroom from his experience as a senior auditor for the U.S. Department of Defense and as a consultant. He has published in journals such as SAM Advanced Management Journal and Journal of Business and Psychology.

McNally, Dr. Mary
Professor of Management
  McD 200
B.S., Worcester State College, 1978; M.B.A., Indiana University, 1980; Ph.D., University of Chicago, 1991
Dr. Mary McNally was selected an Outstanding Teacher at MSU Billings for 2002-2003 for her international business and business and the environment classes. Her students have traveled with her on short term study abroad trips to Japan and China, and participate in a unique course on Business and Environmental Issues. Being chosen as a member of Leadership Montana, along with service on the Billings Energy and Conservation Commission, also enhances the experience she brings to the classroom. She has articles published in the Journal of Global Marketing, Journal of the International Academy for Case Studies, Natural Resources Journal, Environments, Water Resources Bulletin and Montana Business Quarterly.

Mori, Dr. Patricio
Assistant Professor, Management
  McD 205
B.S., Industrial Chemical Engineer, Universidad Catolica de Chile, 1991; M.B. A. Florida International University, 2006; Ph.D. Management and International Business, Florida International University, 2013.
Dr. Mori has 15 years of teaching experience at the graduate and undergraduate level. He has also industry experience both as a Product Development Engineer and an Entrepreneur in a family business. His area of research is on the drivers of innovation in family businesses. His is also interested in how new ventures internationalize and in how diversity of the founding team fosters or hinders strategic consensus. Dr. Mori has a publication in the Journal of Strategic and International studies and has been actively participating in the presentations of papers in the Academy of Management and the Academy of International Business.

Otjen, Dr. A.J.
Professor, Marketing
  McD 255
B.A., University of Missouri, 1979; M.B.A., University of Colorado, 1984; Ph.D., University of Missouri, 2001
Dr. A.J. Otjen brings 25 years of industry experience (Vice President of Marketing for Sprint PCS) and is published in the Journal of Marketing Education and the Journal of Advertising among others. Since 2004, Otjen’s students have won a total of eight ADDY awards from the Montana Advertising Association, the Public Service Award from the Montana Broadcaster’s Association, and Four National Small Business Plan Championships for the American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL). AIBL has been the outstanding organization of the year and she was nominated for adviser of the year at MSU-Billings. She is co-winner, along with Dr. Sarah Keller, of the 2007 MSU-Billings Pippinger Award for innovation and excellence in teaching. She received her MBA from the University of Colorado and her Ph.D. from the University of Missouri. Her students have developed marketing campaigns for the prevention of Domestic Violence, Go Play, The 2010 City of Billings Energy Conservation Plan, Beartooth Nature Center, and the 2011 Vote for the new Parmly Library.

Sah, Dr. Rakesh
Professor, Economics/Finance
  McD 111
B.A., Allahabad University, India, 1982; M.A., Lucknow University, India, 1985; M.A., University of Alabama, 1997; Ph.D., University of Alabama, 1999
Dr. Rakesh Sah has graduate degrees in Economics and Finance. He has published in numerous international and national journals including the European Journal of Management, International Academy of Business and Economics and International Journal of Business Research. He was invited to speak on The Global Economic Crisis: Mitigating Strategies at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) in December 2009. He also serves as the faculty advisor for the Student Investment Club.

Stewart, Ms. Roberta
Administrative Support
  McD 305

Stone, Ms. Karen
Coordinator of Faculty, Student & Data Management Services
  McD 304
B.S.B.A., Montana State University Billings, 1985

Wang, Dr. Ying
Assistant Professor, Accounting
  McD 256

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