About the Record & Go Studio and Editing Room 

FREE service available to students, faculty, and staff of MSUB! 

The Record & Go Studio is a simplified recording setup.  The design of the studio allows you to create video projects without having to know much about lights and cameras.  You only need to plug in a flash drive and push a single button. 

The Record & Go Studio is a great tool for practicing a presentation.  Viewing a video of yourself can help you spot verbal ticks, hand gestures, and facial expressions that can detract from your presentation. 

Record & Go Studio: Simplified Video Recording

An editing computer (Mac) with iMovie software is located in the Studio.  To book the editing computer, please book the Studio below.

Book the Room 

Reserve the Record & Go Studio and Editing Room.  Don't forget to stop at the Circulation desk to check out the key to the Record & Go Studio/Editing Room and check out the kit that contains a slide advancer and "How To" booklet.  Please bring your own USB drive.

For Students

  • Practice or record a presentation for class
  • Record using green screen technology
  • Studio components of larger video assignments
  • Use for class project

For Faculty

  • Deliver an introduction to an online course
  • Record a lecture
  • Present research papers
  • Create demonstration modules
  • Document mock interviews & small group discussions

For Staff

  • Create training modules for staff
  • Develop instructional videos for student employee