Student Government

ASMSUB members

Front Row L to R: Christine Whitlatch (City College Advisor), Campbell Pacheco, Kathryn Hollenberg, Jackie Sharpe, Nikola Sladic, Vikash Kumar, David Russell, Jasmine Marquez, Micah Richter, Gabrielle Boice, Michael Russell

Back Row L to R: Ave Roberts, Kendall McGraw, Hope Dewell-Gentry (Faculty Advisor), Ryan Ness, Presley Anderson, Nicole Bookheimer, Jordan Unzaga, Lamiya Husen, Elijah Sneigoski, Kim Hayworth (Advisor)

ASMSU Billings Mission Statement

"The Associated Student of Montana State University Billings, as a committed organization, will provide professionalism and leadership to fulfill student needs and will do our best to make noticeable differences on our campus for the students of MSU Billings."