DocuSign is an electronic signature platform that can be used to electronically sign and facilitate approvals and agreements from anywhere with an internet connection. Using DocuSign, you can quickly and securely access and sign documents, upload and send documents for others to sign, or send reminders and check the signing status of your documents. DocuSign helps to save time, money, and errors by automating and digitizing the entire agreement process in a secure, electronic format.  

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What kinds of data can be stored in DocuSign? 


Data Type OK Not
Budget Information  
Course evaluations  
Data classified as Public  
Data classified as Restricted  
Employee and student IDs/GIDs (even when combined with names)  
Planning documents  
Staff search committee notes  
Student grades and records  
Bank account numbers  
Data classified as Confidential  
Drivers License numbers  
Passport Visa numbers  
Payroll ACH numbers  
Social Security numbers  
Credit card numbers   X
Research data subject to export controls   X
International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and Export Administration Regulations (EAR) governed data   X
No Recipient Attachment tags are allowed in the envelope that would contain an image of a document with PII or FERPA data   X