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A full range of career services is available to help students gain experience and skills that will clarify career goals and facilitate entry into the job market. Services include Career Workshops, career counseling and testing, credential file service, career resource library, campus interviewing, Job Locator, and career/job fairs.

Cooperative Education (Co-Op) internships create educational partnerships among Montana State University-Billings, the business community, and students. It is a unique academic experience that allows students to earn academic credit while combining classroom learning with practical work experience.

The Job Locator coordinates part-time positions for currently enrolled students. Available jobs can be accessed on the web and range from the service industry to technical positions and are designed to accommodate students’ academic schedules.

Financial aid-eligible work-study students can access Community Service positions which enable students to work in non-profit agencies in the local area.

See www.msubillings.edu/careers for additional information.