Forgot your NetID? Claim/recover your NetID.

All MSUB student, faculty, and staff must set up a new user profile in the password reset utility before they will be able to change/set their NetID password. It doesn't matter if you've been at MSUB for years or are new to campus, a new user profile must be set up.  

A screenshot displaying the new Self Service Password Portal

What's required when setting up a new profile?

  • Everyone must set up a new user profile before they use the tool the first time. 
  • New user setup requires configuration of challenge questions and also the option to set up an alternative email and/or text messaging for future resets.
  • Setting up a new profile requires you to enter your NetID and then provide your MSUB ID (-12345678) and Date of Birth (MMDDYYYY or 07211996).

Note: User profiles can be set up and updated at any time without having to change your NetID. 

Instructions to Get Started 

New User Setup

  1. Go to Self-Service Password Reset Portal.
  2. Click the Go to Setup Tool button in the New User Setup tile (see fig 2).
  3. Enter your NetID and click Continue (see fig 3).

    If you have never configured your profile before you will need to:
  4. Enter your MSUB ID andDate of Birth then click Continue (see fig 4).
    MSUB ID example:  -12345678 
    DOB example for July 21, 1998:  07211998
  5. Select and configure verification method(s).
    The methods (challenge questions, email, text)  you choose to set up during New User Setup will be available for you to use in the future when you log into the portal.   
    • 5 challenge questions - (see fig 5)
      You are required to configure 5 challenge questions.
    • Email - (optional) provide an alternative email address to receive a verification code (no fig, see fig 6 for reference).
    • Text(optional) provide cell number that can receive a verification code (see fig 6).

NOTE:  You only need to set up one authentication method; however, you are required to set up challenge questions regardless.


TIP: Use the SKIP button to pass over options you don't want to setup.  You can always update your profile later to add or update an option (see fig 6).

fig 6

Screenshot of the Text configuration window and the skip button


Password Reset

After setting up your profile, to set/reset your NetID password, go to the Password Reset tile and click the Go to Reset Tool button.

Enter your NetID and select your verification method. After verifying your identity, read the password rules and follow the prompts to reset it.

fig 2 

Screensho of New User Setup Tile in the new password portal.

fig 3

Screenshot of the window to enter NetID.

fig 4

Screenshot of portal showing fields to enter MSU ID (GID) and birthdate and also the radio button to select to authenticate with NetID.

fig 5

Screenshot of Challenge Question configuration