A consortium agreement allows the student to request to receive financial aid while enrolled for courses at two schools, the degree granting institution (home institution), and another institution (host institution). By completing the consortium agreement the student is requesting that eligibility for financial assistance to be based on the total credits being attempted at both institutions for the semester or term. NOTE: Completed consortium agreements should be submitted to the MSUB Financial Aid Office as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks before the end of the term.

MSUB students can complete a consortium agreement form two ways.

  1. If they plan on taking courses from one of the three Montana State University affiliated campuses (MSU-Bozeman, Great Falls College- MSU, MSU- Northern), they can complete the form by logging into their myInfo secure area and selecting the “Student Services” tab and completing the "MSU System Transfer and Multi-Campus Application Request Form". Click here for more information on this MSU Specific Consortium option.

    Please note that this online form is only available to MSU students and must be completed before the start of the semester at the host campus. If students are wanting to utilize a consortium agreement after classes have started, they will need to complete the paper form listed below.
  2. If they plan on attending a non-MSU campus, they will need to complete the paper form, available on our forms page.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions on this process.