Your Financial Aid Offer informs you of the financial aid you requested and qualify to receive. You may be offered a loan even though you did not request one. The financial aid offer lists the types of aid (grants, loans, work-study, and scholarships), as well as the amounts you can expect to receive each semester. 

Read your financial aid offer carefully before you submit it online. Your acceptance indicates that you understand and accept the rules and conditions affecting your financial aid. Check the number of credits you told us you would take each semester. Report any changes in residency, enrollment, your name, and/or address. 

If you have a source of educational funding that is not listed on your financial aid offer, inform us either via email at or in writing. Examples of additional funding that must be reported include Vocational Rehabilitation, Veteran’s Benefits, Job Training Partnership, Tribal grants or loans, all scholarships, stipends, and grants. If you learn about additional funding after you have accepted your financial aid offer, you are required to notify the Financial Aid Office in writing as soon as possible. 

Be sure to accept or reject each type of financial aid fund offered to you in your award offer.Submit your accepted financial aid offer within 30 days of the offer date, with any requested changes or corrections. Print off a copy for your records. We will email you a revised award notification reminder if you make corrections or if we determine that any information that was used in making this award is incorrect. 

Financial Aid Disbursement

Most types of financial aid (grants, fee waivers, scholarships, and subsidized and unsubsidized Stafford Loans) are credited to your student account with Business Services and applied toward your institutional charges prior to fee payment, provided you are enrolled for the correct number of credits, you have accepted your fees with the Business office and your financial aid file is complete. If you have money left over after all your institutional charges have been paid, a check for the remaining amount will be mailed to you. Checks are mailed to students at the start of the semester for students who enroll early and have accepted their charges at least a week prior to the beginning of each semester. 

Tribal checks are released at the Cashiers window in the Business Office. Please bring a picture ID. 

Loan funds that arrive after the semester ends cannot be released until your grades for the semester are reviewed for satisfactory academic progress. This same rule applies to other forms of financial aid that are paid retroactively during the award year. The amount of retroactive eligibility is based on the credits earned, not credits attempted. 

All fees and other University charges are due at the beginning of each semester. If not paid when due, a late fee may be applied or your registration may be canceled. You are responsible for all fees and University charges when due, even if you expect to receive financial aid. When a student’s Pell Grant is late due to corrections, the Financial Aid staff can allow you to make arrangements with the Business Office to temporarily waive all or part of the payment of your bill until your financial aid can be disbursed.