Cares Act

Through the American Rescue Plan (ARP), MSU Billings is awarding emergency assistance to students impacted by the Coronavirus Pandemic. The one-time grants will be automatically awarded based on a student’s financial need as determined by the FAFSA Estimated Family Contribution and credit load on the 15th day of Spring 2022 classes. The award will be place on a student’s account to be used to help support the cost of attendance which could include, but are not limited to tuition, fees, books, housing, course materials, technology, health care, transportation, and childcare. These awards are available only to U.S. citizens and degree seeking students.

The ARP awards will automatically be determined after the 15th day of the Spring 2022 semester, February 8, and disbursed through Business Services after February 15, 2022. Students are encouraged to update direct deposit and mailing address information.

A student can apply for additional funds if you have experienced extenuating financial hardships due to Covid-19. Please fill out the online application. Each application will be reviewed on an individual basis and decisions will rely on information submitted through the application.

Additional grant money to help cover college expenses like tuition, books, housing, food, childcare etc.

Complete Your Spring 2022 Financial Aid Application.

The American Rescue Plan Awards will be processed through your Spring 2022 student account.

Remember, this one time grant will help with your college expenses. You are not responsible for paying ARPA funds back.

Proposed Spring 2022 Enrolled Student Auto-Award Amounts per EFC/Credit Load

EFC* - Estimated Family Contribution

Proposed Spring 2022

Enrolled Credits

As of 2/10/2022


2 to 5 credits


6 to 8 credits


9 to 11 credits



FAFSA $0 EFC* $425 $575 $925 $1,225
FAFSA >$0-10k EFC* $375 $525 $825 $1,050
FAFSA >$10k-20k EFC* $325 $475 $725 $950
FAFSA >$20k-30k EFC* $275 $425 $625 $825
FAFSA >$30+k EFC* $225 $375 $525 $725
No FAFSA* $175 $325 $425 $625

* Funds will be applied after the 15th day of class to students enrolled. Funds only available to degree seeking students. Completing the FAFSA may increase your award. Students with exceptional need may apply for additional funding.

Please visit the Federal Student Aid website for updates on COVID-19.


Spring 2022 degree seeking students who are U.S. citizens are eligible for the ARPA award. Per ARPA guidelines, MSUB is required to prioritize students with exceptional financial need, such as students who receive Pell Grants. MSUB has done this by utilizing the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) from the 2021-2022 FAFSA.

For fall 2021, this award is based on your fall 2021 credit load which will be verified after September 28, 2021. For spring 2022, this award is based on your spring 2022 credit load which will be verified on Feb. 8, 2022. After February 8, 2022, students with extraordinary need can use this link to apply for additional funds to be considered and awarded on a case by case basis.

This award will be processed through your student account for you to decide how the funds will be used. Update your student account information and preferences by visiting and logging into MyInfo or by contacting For faster payment processing, sign up for direct deposit and update your mailing address. Business Services will process the funds through direct deposit or send a check to your home mailing address. The spring 2022 award will be processed AFTER February 8, 2022 when your spring course credits are verified. The award amount is contingent on your credit load for spring 2022. The award will be disbursed after February 8, 2022.

No, the ARP funds are not considered financial aid nor are they considered a resource that will impact future financial aid awards.

No, the ARPA funds are considered necessary relief as the result of a qualified disaster, which is excluded from a taxpayer’s gross income under Section 139 of the U.S. tax code.

These funds have been provided to help ease the financial burden the pandemic has caused students seeking post-secondary education. The funds should be used to help cover the cost of attendance which varies according to each student. Some costs related to college attendance could include the following: tuition, housing, food, books, supplies, course materials, transportation, childcare, technology, etc.

YES! It is advantageous for every student to complete the FAFSA. To get started visit MSUB’s FAFSA code is 002530. If you need assistance, contact the MSUB Office of Financial Aid at 406-657-2188 or or visit us on the University Campus on McMullen One.

Your EFC is on the Student Aid Report (SAR) that all FAFSA filers receive as well as online through your “My Info” Financial Aid tab.  Students can review award amounts, budget for the year and if they have any remaining unmet need in their award package.