Step One

  • Admission through Graduate Studies 
  • Fingerprint & Background Check Information is provided to help you complete a criminal background report. Review the Fingerprint Handout (PDF) and Frequently Asked Questions there.  Be sure to submit all five items necessary to obtain a report.

  • When notified of your assigned College of Education (COE) advisor, inform them you are seeking a provisional license.
  • COE Advisor will complete a formal transcript review for acceptance of coursework for meeting program requirements.
  • To be approved, the MSUB Plan of Study must be signed by all parties

Step Two

  • The approved MSUB plan of study, including core content, indicates coursework can be completed within the three-year provisional licensure time frame.
  • Candidate submits the OPI document, Plan of Study for Teaching Endorsements to Jennifer Burns

Only the top four lines indicated as “Applicant Information” of the Class 5 Plan of Study Document are to be completed. (Candidate is to submit all other pages of the Class 5 application directly to OPI.)

  • The Licensure Officer will submit the completed OPI Plan of Study document to OPI along with a copy of your MSUB approved POS including the Content Coursework.


School Counseling provisional licensure requires a candidate be within four courses of program completion of a Master of Education School Counseling program.  The remaining four courses must be reviewed by MSUB faculty for final approval.  A candidate must submit the OPI Plan of Study for School Counselor Endorsement document to Jennifer Burns.  This document is embedded in the Class 5 Provisional School Counselor License Application application.