Class 5 Provisional Licensure

Elementary K-8 or Secondary 5-12 or K-12 Endorsement Eligibility Requirements:

  • Previous completion of bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university


  • For Secondary 5-12 or K-12 Licensure: requires a Bachelor’s degree in the content teaching major sought, see MSUB Content Area Majors. Content minors to do not qualify for initial licensure.


  • The Elementary Licensure K-8 Content Core is found on above website.


  • Formal transcript reviews for all elementary, secondary, or K-12 content coursework substitutions and acceptance will be completed after Graduate admission to MSUB.


  • Major content core coursework completion is required for licensure.


  • All licensure requirements must be completed within the three-year time frame of the provisional license (starting July 1st  of first year and finishing June 30th of the third year) to meet Montana Assessment of Content Knowledge Score requirements


Provisional Special Education or Reading are not stand-alone programs for initial licensureCandidates must pursue initial licensure through an elementary or secondary education program.