Student Organizations

Get Involved in Student Organizations! COB Student Clubs have participated in national and international competitions and earned numerous awards. 

Accounting Club
To encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in accounting.

American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL)
To utilize student foundation to stimulate tribal economic growth and stability through an emphasis on maintaining culturally appropriate American Indian Business development. 

American Marketing Association (AMA) Club
To prepare students for their proessional careers through experiences that inspire students to cultivate strong networks, personal growth, and ethical leadership with a community-oriented focus. 

Business Club
To foster busines immersion, an understanding of real world integration, and participation in service activites on campus.

Investment Club
To provide students with an opportunity to apply modern finance theory to investment decisions involving actual market transactions. 

Student Advisory Board
The Student Advisory Board is a board of student leaders representing the COB student body. The Board meets on a regular basis with the Dean to advise on the academic and student service issues of the College. 


College of Business Committees

Students are actively involved in the policy making and governance of the College of Business. The Academic Policy Committee is the policy making body for academic and curriculum matters within the College of Business. At least one student member is chosen from business majors each year. These students work with faculty on the key academic issues of the College. 

Advising Information

After achieving junior status, Business Administration majors are assigned to a faculty advisor through the Student Services Center of the College of Business. The faculty advisor is available to assist with the selection of courses, clarify course and degree requirements, monitor student progress toward degree completion, and provide other general academic assistance, including information about career opportunities. 

The College of Business Student Services Office maintains the student advising files and assists students in the advising process. 

Student & Faculty Advising Responsibilities and Expectations 

Student Services Office

Undergraduate business majors and other students taking business courses utilize the Student Services Office to obtain information and advice on College of Business courses and programs, and to facilitate their registration.