English majors at MSUB complete a specialized course of study leading either to the B.A. in English or the B.A. in English with the Teaching Licensure Option.

For more detail and sample plans of study, see the individual pages on the right.

Students who attend class regularly, complete the required courses, and work diligently will achieve the following outcomes:

  • Skills in writing expressive, literary, referential, and persuasive discourse;
  • Knowledge of the grammar, structure, development and use of the English language;
  • Understanding of the critical approaches to and development of American, British, and World literature.

Satisfactory achievement of the student’s professional goals depends, in large part, on careful planning. In order to help students majoring in English to develop programs of studies that best reflect their professional goals, the faculty in the Department of English, Philosophy and Modern Languages requires students to participate in a strong program of academic advisement. The close personal and professional relationships of such a program can strengthen both students and faculty. Certain courses in the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts with Teaching Licensure programs have prerequisites, and students should check with their advisors for courses in the catalog with required prerequisites.

By the end of the second year of study, Bachelor’s degree candidates should have developed, in consultation with their advisors, a program of studies designed to meet individual goals. In addition, students should supplement requirements in the major with coursework in related academic disciplines. The student’s faculty advisor will help select related courses that best supplement a program of studies.

Some students who major in English continue their professional education beyond the baccalaureate degree. Law school is an example of a professional school which recommends English as an undergraduate major for applicants. Areas of employment open to English graduates with Bachelor of Arts degrees include journalism, public relations, technical writing and editing positions, and other career fields which require the ability to use language effectively. Graduates in Education with majors in English most often enter the teaching profession at the secondary level.