Welcome to Philosophy and Religious Studies

Philosophy and Religious Studies courses invite students to ponder the meaning of life and their place in the larger world. Study of philosophy is fundamentally inquisitive, interactive, and critical in nature, drawing on a rich heritage of religious and philosophical thoughts from around the world and down through time. Courses hone skills such as the ability to think critically, clarify ideas, think independently, and organize and deliver a point of view. Subject matter tends to be both personal and universal.

Studying philosophy and religion develops skills such as critical thinking, self-examination, inquisitiveness, self-expression, and breadth of perspective. Philosophy and Religious Studies courses are particularly useful for those seeking careers in law, business, education, ministry, medicine, social work, and/or those who simply want a richer life experience.  Students seeking positions immediately after college often find that philosophy, combined with another area of expertise, equips them with attitudes and critical skills essential to their careers.

After successfully completing the program, students in philosophy will demonstrate an understanding of basic philosophical and ethical approaches to life across cultures.


The Department of English, Philosophy and Modern Languages is currently developing an exciting new program in Philosophy. Keep checking back, or email the Department Chair, Rachel Schaffer, for more details. A full list of currently offered philosophy and religious studies courses is availalbe in the MSUB Catalog.

Faculty in Philosophy and Religious Studies

Dr. Ana Diaz
Associate Professor of Philosophy


Why Philosophy?

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