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Safeguarding Customer Information

Safety on Campus

Schedule of Courses



Security on Campus

Senators, Academic Senate

Senators, Staff Senate

Senators, Student Government

Sexual Harassment Policy

Sociology Degrees & Minors

Sophomore Field Experience

Spanish Degrees & Minors

Special Education Teacher Endorsement Project

Sports (Intercollegiate Athletics)

SSS (Student Support Services/TRIO)

Staff Senate

Staff/Faculty Directory

State Poll (Annual)

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan Framework

Student Accounts

Student Activities Board

Student Affairs Office

Student Affairs Policies and Procedures

Student Assistance Foundation

Student Computing Services

Student E-Mail Access

Student Government (ASMSUB)

Student Handbook (Student Affairs Policies & Procedures Handbook)

Student Health Services

Student Life

Student Organizations

Student Records (Student Web Login)

Student Services, City College

Student Services, University Campus

Student Teaching (Office of Educational Theory and Practice)

Student Union and Events

Study Abroad

SUB (Student Union Building)

Suicide Prevention

Summer at MSUB

Summer Camps - Sports Camps

Supervisory Teacher Endorsements

Surgical Technology

Survey Approval