ALL of the services and activities provided by Upward Bound are at NO COST to participants or their families.  The resources used are viewed as an investment in each student's future. Our goal is to give every UB participant an opportunity to start and complete a college education.


  • Tutoring: Free tutoring is available to all UB participants. Students who have difficulty in a particular class will be encouraged to attend tutoring.
  • Study Skills: Students will learn skills that will help them be successful in both high school and college.
  • Test Prep: Prepare for college entrance exams like the ACT. UB participants can also receive ACT and SAT fee waivers so they can take the test for free.
  • Academic Advising: Our staff works with students to help them plan for their academic future by taking the right classes in high school.


  • Career Exploration: Find a career that matches your interests and strengths.  Learn about what it really takes to achieve that career and what kind of training is required after you finish high school.
  • After school activities: UB offers out-of-school activities like volunteering, career days, and cultural activities


  • College Tours:  Students tour campuses and have a chance to experience different types of colleges and decide what type of school they would be most comfortable attending.
  •  College Application and Selection: Each student is guided through the confusing maze of how to select a college/university. Topics addressed are: how to write a college entrance essay; what criteria to use to select a college; how to complete the application process; and, how to develop the skills needed to survive in college.

Financial Aid

  • Learn how to pay for college: Our staff works with the students and their parents to identify scholarships for college and how to fill out federal financial aid forms like the FAFSA. 


  • Parent Help: Navigating the college process can be overwhelming for parents as well.  UB provides workshops to parents so they better understand what students need to do.