September 18, 2013



Lisa Skriner, City College at MSU Billings, 247-3055
Aaron Clingingsmith, University Relations, 657-2269 cell 406-546-6022


MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Today’s announcement (below) that Montana has earned a $25 million grant for job training in the energy and manufacturing sectors will have a profound impact on Billings.


photo of part of downtown Billings, including a refinery

City College at MSU Billings Dean, Marsha Riley, was pleased to announce that approximately $1.5 million has been allocated to City College at MSU Billings.  “The grant will help faculty grow and enrich their engagement with the business, energy, and manufacturing communities in our region,” said Riley.  “This will ultimately help students be more prepared for work within these sectors.”


City College’s primary focus will be within the energy sector. City College will be the lead in oil and gas, safety and general energy industry training, partner lead in energy technician programs and welding training certification, and will serve as a diesel technology regional training site.


City College’s allocation will be coordinated by Lisa Skriner, Director of Workforce Training and Development.  “We are excited to put this funding back in our economy through strategic partnerships within our growing energy segments,” said Skriner.  “The allocation in our region will also be utilized to enhance our current certificate options and develop new certificates.  We recognize that employers in the energy and manufacturing sectors are clamoring for qualified employees and this grant will help us deliver them in a timely fashion.”


Other elements of the grant include enhanced student support services, connections to industry and job placement though the Workforce Navigator, and interconnection with all partners for a more robust offering of stackable training and credentials.


If you would like additional information regarding the impact of this grant on Billings please contact Lisa Skriner at 247-3055 or