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0:00 Logging into the CMS
1:05 Overview
3:04 Recycle Bin
3:43 Support
4:46 Page specific controls – Preview, Edit, Properties, etc.
5:16 Versions, Revert
5:56 Check in / check out
7:03 Save Version
8:00 Publish

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Editing webpages in the CMS

8:45 Editing webpages in the CMS
9:42 Check in, check out
11:10 Editable regions - green buttons
11:43 Sidebar and Contact
12:04 Edit Main Content
12:41 Paste as plain text and Remove formatting buttons
13:41 Ordered and unordered lists (numbered and bulleted)
14:15 Headings
16:12 Styles

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Links and dependency tags


18:40 Links and dependency tags
19:07 Avoid written out URLS as links
19:38 Self-descriptive link
20:33 Dependency tags - use for ALL webpages
23:09 Remove link

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Best practices of links

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The Pages view


29:29 The Pages view - how to organize images, documents and pages
31:54 Creating a new webpage (*New Quick Page not currently available)

Creating a new site section (*New Section w/ Index File not currently available)

*Once you create a section, then you have to create a new page inside that section with a filename called index.pcf to act as the section homepage. Then you can publish the whole section.

36:12 Publish site section
37:39 Create new folder

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38:23 Images – how to upload, edit, delete and manage
39:15 Upload images
40:20 Add images to webpage
42:34 Publish image

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Creating a new webpage


43:32 Creating a new webpage – new pages, site sections & editable regions
44:12 How to create a site section
47:55 Properties

Make your pages user-friendly and Google-ready: 3 Ways to Format Your URLs for Search Engines and Users

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Introduction to Snippets


49:23 Introduction to Snippets
50:14 Add Image with Titles and Description
51:55 TIP! Expander button
53:12 Adding rows to table snippet
55:43 Delete a snippet

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56:50 Versions – saving, managing, and reverting
57:41 Save Version
59:09 Include descriptions when publishing or saving versions
59:40 How to revert to a different version on the staging server

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Publishing the page


1:01:15 Publishing the page – previewing, saving, submitting, publishing, scheduling, and expiring
1:01:48 Previewing the page
1:02:41 Submitting for approval
1:04:05 Publishing the page
1:06:01 Publish a page in Pages View
1:07:04 Scheduling a publish
1:09:10 Expiring a webpage

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1:11:28 Navigation – best practices and how-to (sidenav)
1:12:42 Editing the sidenav
1:14:50 Editing sidebar navigation links
1:16:09 Adding nav links
1:17:47 Editing the Contact region
1:19:28 TIP! Line break

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Complete transcript


Creating Accessible MSU Web Content


0:00 Creating Accessible MSU Web Content
9:42 Image description
13:30 Headings
16:40 Links
19:18 Color
22:03 Converting Documents to Webpages
24:08 Transcripts
25:08 Color Contrast - 4.5:1 (see contrast checker)
26:58 Accessibility scanner - not currently available to MSUB

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