March 14, 2013



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MSU BILLINGS NEWS SERVICES — Four MSU Billings Cooperative Education Internship students and one MSUB Student Employee have been recognized for their outstanding contributions, achievements, and professionalism. Students were nominated by faculty and agency supervisors based on their work experiences in 2012. Over 250 interns are part of the Cooperative Education Internship program at any given time during the academic year. “All student interns and student employees do an amazing job in our community,” noted Chancellor Rolf Groseth. “Today, we are proud to recognize some of our very best.”


TiaTia Robinette, a Human Services intern, was nominated by Mr. Daniel Taylor of Montana Probation and Parole and Ms. Patty Nichols of MSU Billings. Taylor commented, “Tia has been the best intern I've seen at Probation and Parole since I was assigned the collateral duty of supervising the internship program for our Agency/Region. She possesses skills and abilities that, in some cases, outperforms some of our current Officers. I wish we had more like her.” Ms. Robinette is from Columbus, MT and will graduate in May, 2013, with Bachelor of Science in Human Services.


PatrickPatrick Mueller, an Art intern, was nominated by Dr. Leanne Gilbertson of Northcutt Steele Gallery/MSU Billings whose comments included, “Patrick was a truly exceptional Student Gallery Director/Gallery Intern. Patrick's abilities, knowledge, and sincere commitment to learning and growing in this position have been a tremendous boon to the Gallery and have contributed greatly to the gallery's ability to serve the curriculum of the Department and to introduce contemporary art to the broader community. He is the best student with whom I have had the opportunity to work in my 15 years of teaching and working in the art gallery and museum profession.” Mr. Mueller is from Huntley, MT, and will graduate in May, 2013, with Bachelor of Arts in Art .


MatthewMatthew Wallila, a Business Administration Management intern, was nominated by Mr. Greg Johnson of Laurel Farmers’ Market whose comments included, “Matt is our first employee on the farm. We can't say enough about his experience here. He was always on time, learned quickly, asked questions, was easy to get along with and made his time here productive and enjoyable. To be honest, he has set the bar so high we question who could ever fill his shoes in the future.” Mr. Wallila is from Laurel, MT, and will graduate in May, 2013, with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management. 



Robert Hutchinson, a Diesel Technology intern, was nominated by Mr. Kameron Rolfson of RDO Integrated Controls; he commented, “Robert is truly the person that we were looking for in this position and he has raised the bar for future employees. He is very dedicated and is willing to go the extra mile to complete the job. I am very excited to work with Robert in the future. People like him do not come around very often, so as a company we feel very fortunate to have this opportunity to work with Robert.” Mr. Hutchinson is from Billings, MT, and will graduate in May, 2013, with Associate of Applied Science in Diesel Technology. 


The MSU Billings Cooperative Education program provides students with “real world” experiences by placing them in internships throughout the community where they develop their job skills while earning credit to enhance their education. In the last seven years more than 1,602 undergraduate and graduate students have completed internships, from which more than 474 students were offered a permanent position.



Jin Hyung Lee (“Bobby”), 2012-13 Student Employee of the Year, was recognized for his contributions to MSU Billings Office International Studies, as well as to international students attending MSU Billings. He was nominated by the entire staff in The Office for International Studies at MSU Billings who commented, “We have been amazed at Bobby’s ability to accomplish any task placed in front of him and perform it with the most contagious enthusiasm. His answer to any request is, ‘No problem. I can do it!’ His role as Peer Mentor encompasses helping guide and counsel students on everything from where to buy a parking pass to helping adapt to life in an American university. All our students are well aware of Bobby, and as a result they often request his aid. We wish we could clone him. We often forget he is ‘just’ a student and not one of our paid professionals. That, too, is to his credit for he has become such an integral part of our office staff we honestly don’t know what we would do without him.”


Bobby was also recognized as the State of Montana winner of the Western Association of Student Employment Administrators’ competition; his nomination has been forwarded to the regional level, competing among winners from the 13 states that comprise the Northwest WASEA District. Jin Hyung Lee, who is from Pohang city, South Korea, is majoring in Business Management and will graduate with Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management in August 2013.

additional information regarding the Cooperative Education program and Western Association of Student Employment Administrators, contact MSU Billings Career Services at (406) 657-2168.


TOP PHOTO: 2012-2013 Student Employee of the Year, Jin Hyung Lee, left, and Interns of the Year, Tia Robinette, Mathew Wallila, Robert Hutchinson, and Patrick Mueller were honored for their work in the community and on campus.