We are located on the second floor of Petro Hall on the University campus and on the second floor of the Tech Building at the City College campus.

University campus hours: Mon– Fri 8 – 5 (Provider clinic hours vary by day)

City College hours: Mon 8:30a-2:30p; Tues-Wed 8:30a-11a; Thurs 8:30-2:30p

All students of MSU Billings and MSUB City College as well as MSU Bozeman nursing students.

A fee of $129.50 is automatically assessed to students taking seven (7) or more credits.  Students taking less than 7 credits may pay the Health Service fee at the Cashier’s window located in McMullen Hall.  Bring your receipt to the Health Service.

Lab Tests:

          Strep test                                           $10.00

          Mono test                                          $10.00

          Pregnancy test                                  $10.00

          Urinalysis for bladder infection      $10.00

Depo Shot: $10.00 per injection with the student supplying the filled prescription.

STI testing: please inquire at the front desk

TB Test: $10.00 per test

MMR Immunizations: $115.00 per injection

COVID test: currently free to students

Tetanus Shots:  not currently offered

Allergy Shots: $10.00 per injection with the student supplying the extract and dose schedule from their physician.

Flu Shots: $20.00; subject to availability

*Our office currently accepts cash or check. We can have the fees added to the students account at their request.

No.  Health insurance is not required.

Student Health Services provides a wide range of medical, mental health counseling, prevention and wellness services to help our students be healthy and academically successful.  We strive to promote and protect the health of our campus community, so that our students can thrive in all aspects of their lives.

Yes.  You can schedule an appointment by calling the University Health Services at 406-657-2153 or by stopping by the office located in Petro Hall. You can also call the City College Health Services at 406-247-3027 or stop by the office located in the Tech Building during the City College hours.

Depending upon availability, walk-in appointments for nurses, providers, and counselors are possible.  We try to accommodate same day appointments as long as a provider is available, however, an appointment may need to be the next day.

Yes.  If a prescription is warranted, it can be written by the provider and then you can have it filled at any community pharmacy.  There are numerous pharmacies within walking distance to the campus.

Yes, counseling services are offered at through Student Health Services.

The immunization hold means you have not yet met the immunization requirements. You will need to submit a signed official proof of immunization in order to have the hold lifted.

If you are taking strictly online classes meaning the class does not meet on campus for any reason, then you are not required to submit immunization records.  However, the hold can only be lifted one semester at a time without submitting those records.  You would accomplish this by calling the Student Health Services at 406-657-2153.  You will have to comply with the requirements if your online only status changes.

Yes.  Student Health Services will administer allergy injections for you for a small administration fee.  Call to arrange an appointment time with the healthcare provider.  You will need to bring your allergy serum and complete physician instructions with you as well as adhere to SHS allergy injection policy.  We will store your serum at Student Health according to your allergist’s instructions.  SHS does not provide allergy testing services.

If this is an emergency, please call 911.

For nonemergency situations:


St. Vincent Healthcare
Walk-in: 1027 No 27th - 237-5110
Emergency Dept: 1233 No 30th – 237-4100
Broadwater Walkin:  2019 Broadwater Avenue – 237-5250

Billings Clinic
Same Day Care: 801 No 29th – 238-2677
760 Wicks – 238-2475
2675 Central – 238-2900
Emergency Dept:  2800 10th Avenue North – 238-2500
Healthline: 255-8400

Mental Health: 

Billings Clinic:  2800 10th Avenue North 
Community Crisis Center:  704 No 30th – 259-8800

If you were seen by one of our providers, a note can be provided verifying that you were seen.  It is up to the discretion of your professor if this would be an excused absence.

These instructions provide guidance on how to either elect coverage or waive the student health insurance plan as part of your MSUB registration process.

How to Waive Student Health Insurance Charges

Go To: msubillings.edu
Log into: Myinfo
Go To: Students Services
Select: Registration
Select: Add or drop classes
Select a Term:
Click: Submit

This is what you should see:

Before registering, please select ELECT or WAIVE insurance.

All MSU Billings students are required to have health insurance if enrolled for 6 or more credits.

If you have other medical insurance coverage, you may WAIVE the University sponsored student insurance plan.

If you do not have health insurance coverage, or you wish additional coverage, you may ELECT the student insurance.

Keep in mind that many out-of-state policies provide minimal or no coverage in Montana.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana underwrites the Student Health Plans

NOTICE: Knowingly furnishing false information to any University official, faculty member or office is a violation of the Student Conduct Code and is subject to the disciplinary sanctions of the code.

Select: Waive Insurance or Enroll Insurance

It will take an overnight download for those charges to reverse.

Insurance charges will automatically be applied to your account when registering with an advisor. Advisors will not Enroll or Waive insurance for you.

You must waive your health insurance every Fall and Spring semesters!