The Office of International Studies (OIS) was awarded its second three-year UISFL grant from the International Studies and Foreign Languages Office of the Department of Education to support increasing faculty expertise in international studies, with a particular focus on the East Asian countries of China, Japan, and Korea, but also in other world areas.

During the first UISFL grant (2020-2023), OIS awarded 26 Faculty Travel Grants to MSUB (19) and NWC (7) faculty, allowing them to build expertise in global studies in order to establish global learning outcomes in targeted courses. Faculty who have traveled under the first UISFL grant have added Global Learning Outcomes to nearly 50 courses across MSUB and NWC, thus making a considerable impact on expanding students' global perspectives and understanding.

WIth the UISFL 2.0 Grant (2023-2026), we are diversifying the grant opportunities available to faculty and have expanded awards to include faculty within the newly established Yellowstone Consortium. Like all grants offered in this project, each campus will have equal access to these program grants, and the Project Director at MSUB will ensure that each campus has at least one grant awarded of each grant type during the grant period (2023-2026).

Faculty will have the opportunity to apply for the following grants:

Course Development Faculty Travel Grant

Six (6) grants of $6,000 available annually

The UISFL Faculty Fellow Grants are to be used to promote two purposes: 1) the development of faculty expertise in global studies, with a priority given to East Asian Studies (China, Japan, and Korea); and 2) the development of Global Studies courses and learning outcomes at MSUB. The $6,000 grants are to be used to support the design of new courses or the re-design of existing courses to include demonstrable, measurable Global Studies Learning Outcomes. The courses that are developed from this grant will allow for the expansion of courses that can go toward the interdisciplinary International Studies Minor. It is expected that all courses developed by this program will fall into this rubric.

International cooperation with faculty at one of our international partner universities is fundamental to this program, so the funds will provide the means for Yellowstone Consortium faculty to travel to one of MSUB’s partner universities abroad and work closely with the faculty and administrators in the service of the program goals. Faculty will develop new relationships with colleagues that will lead to a clearer understanding of how Global Studies can be added to one’s teaching and research interests. The program provides faculty the opportunity to also solicit guest virtual lecturers for their own classes as well as university and community enrichment. An important program goal is to make the International Studies Minor Program truly interdisciplinary so that students in all MSUB colleges have an opportunity for global engagement. Faculty may work in any world area, but preference will be given to proposals that focus on East Asia.

Faculty members who carry a continuing appointment are eligible for these awards. This includes tenured and tenure-track faculty, university lecturers, research and clinical professors, fixed-term faculty, RNTTA faculty, and LOAs who are on primarily teaching appointments. Faculty appointment must be greater than _0.5 FTE.

MSUB faculty should submit their final proposals by March 3, to the Office of International Studies. A selection committee, led by MSUB faculty, will determine which proposals are funded for the upcoming year. We expect to notify successful applicants by April 3 and travel to take place during the period between semesters, either Summer or Winter.



COIL Development Grant

Ten (10) grants of $500 available annually

From Oct. 1, 2023 to Sept. 30, 2026, each year, OIS will award 10 (ten) COIL Development Grants in the amount of $500 each to faculty who have submitted successful proposals for developing COIL initiatives within a new or existing course. All faculty (as defined below under Grant Eligibility) within the Consortium are eligible and encouraged to apply. Like all grants offered through the UISFL project, all YC campuses will have equal access to these COIL Development grants, and the Project Director will ensure that each campus has been awarded at least one COIL grant during the span of the UISFL project.

COIL, or Collaborative Online International Learning, is an initiative that was spearheaded by the SUNY system and has been leveraged within institutions worldwide. SUNY defines COIL as “an approach that brings students and professors together across cultures to learn, discuss and collaborate as part of their class. Professors partner to design the experience, and students partner to complete the activities designed. COIL becomes part of the class, enabling all students to have a significant intercultural experience within their course of study.[1]

Outside of higher ed institutions, numerous affiliated organizations have further developed frameworks for implementing and supporting COIL initiatives throughout colleges and universities across the U.S., such as AAC&U,American Council on Education, UniCEN: American Councils,and more.

Faculty members within the Yellowstone Consortium carry a continuing appointment are eligible for these awards. This includes tenured and tenure-track faculty, university lecturers, research and clinical faculty, fixed-term faculty, RNTTA faculty, and LOAs who are on primarily teaching appointments. Faculty appointment must be greater than _0.5 FTE.

COIL Development Grants are on a rolling basis based upon the below schedule:

  • Winter:      January 2, 2024 (extended until March 1, 2024)
  • Spring:      April 1, 2024
  • Summer:   July 1, 2024
  • Fall:           October 1, 2024


Program Development Grant

Seven (7) grants of $3,000 available annually
Academic and non-academic programs, NOT for individual faculty

Each year, from 2023-2026, OIS will award 7 (seven) Program Development Grants for International Engagement in the amount of $3,000 each to academic and non-academic programs, offices, centers, or other units. Faculty and non-faculty university and college personnel are encouraged to submit proposals that will further the international engagement of their programs, offices, centers, or units.

NOTE:This grant is NOT for individual faculty, rather units.

The grants will offer direct support to campus programs, offices, centers, and units to support the goal of increasing campus global engagement. We welcome creative proposals from all areas from every Consortial Partner that addresses the project goals of supporting international studies on YC campuses.

All programs, offices, centers, and units on all Consortial Partner Campuses are eligible to apply for this grant. Programs, offices, and units for this grant includes academic programs as part of Colleges and Departments (i.e., History Program, Life Science Program, Honors Program, etc.), as well as individual Colleges and Departments as a whole unit (i.e., College of Arts and Sciences, College of Education, Communications Department, Biology Department).

Eligibility also includes non-academic programs, offices or units that support the teaching and learning mission of each campus (Library, Student Engagement Offices, Academic Support Center, Advising Center, Career Services, etc.). Only full-time employees of one of the five members of the Yellowstone Consortium may be the lead author on a proposal.

Program Development Grants are on a rolling basis based upon the below schedule:

  • Winter:      January 2, 2024 (extended until March 1, 2024)
  • Spring:      April 1, 2024
  • Summer:   July 1, 2024
  • Fall:           October 1, 2024

OIS personnel are available at any time by email or phone to discuss the project and are seeking to distribute this RFP to as many MSUB faculty as possible.

Support and Resources for Faculty

OIS organizes a series of workshops, lectures, and information sessions on the program throughout the year. Information sessions provide details on the UISFL program, the grants to faculty, and the development of Global Studies at MSUB. They also allow faculty to hear from UISFL faculty grant recipients, who speak about their proposals and project plan.

In January 2021, OIS hosted a free virtual workshop on Global Studies Learning Outcomes led by a national leader in this area, Dr. Dawn Whitehead, the Vice President in the Office of Global Citizenship, Community, and Careers at the Association of American Colleges and Universities. This workshop was recorded and MSUB faculty who were unable to attend the workshop are encouraged to watch the recording.

Partners for Faculty Travel Grants and COIL Development Grants

Faculty within the Yellowstone Consortium are encouraged to submit grant proposals that allows them to work with one of MSUB's international university partners. Preference will be given to partners located in East Asia.

MSUB UISFL Faculty Travel Grant Recipients 2023

We are pleased to announce that five MSUB faculty have each been awarded a $6,000 UISFL grant to travel abroad and integrate global learning into course learning outcomes.

  • Alex Shafer, Ph.D., Associate Prof., Health &Human Performance - NEW ZEALAND
  • Ambrin Masood, Ph.D., Associate Prof. of Rehabilitation & Human Services - PAKISTAN
  • Anna Talafuse, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Marketing – GERMANY
  • Austin Bennett, Instructor, General Education, Writing – JAPAN
  • Daniel Charlton, Assistant Prof., Educational Theory & Practice – GERMANY
  • Jana Marcette, Ph.D., Director of Graduate Studies; Director of Honors – JAPAN
  • Jennifer Scroggins, Ph.D., Associate Prof., Sociology – NORTHERN EUROPE
  • Joshua Hill, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Economics – NORTHERN EUROPE
  • Karen Washburn, Assistant Prof., Educational Theory & Practice – GERMANY
  • Robin Earles, Adjunct Assistant Prof., Art; Gallery Director – JAPAN
  • Ryan Butler, Assistant Professor, Outdoor Adventure Leadership - JAPAN


For More Information Contact:
Dr. Paul Foster, Director - International Studies
Abby Cook, Assistant Director - International Studies
Alisa Batchelor, International Student & Scholar Advisor