France is one of the oldest nations in Europe as well as one of the most iconic and visited countries in the world. There are endless opportunities and destinations in France, ranging from the picturesque chateaux (castles) of the Loire Valley, the tourist hot spots in Paris, the tranquil  lavender fields of Provence, the Mediterranean beaches of Nice, the rugged slopes of the Alps...this list goes on and on. Although France is a relatively small country in comparison to the U.S., it has an eclectic topography and climate, with two major mountain ranges, oceanic and sea coastlines, rolling plains, vast river systems and dense forests. Students who choose to study in France not only will gain a wonderful opportunity to delve into the French language and France's rich culture, but they also will be able to explore historic relics, enjoy revered cuisine, and be surrounded by stunning art and architecture.

Center International d'Etudes Francaises


Centre International d'Études Françaises (CIDEF)

Intensive French Language Study
CIDEF is a French government certified intensive French language immersion institution located in the heart of the Loire Valley, in Angers (western France). CIDEF is connected to the Catholic University of the West (UCO) in Angers. This institution is well known for being one of the best French-language centers in France with regards to its reception, premises and management. While studying at CIDEF, you can immerse yourself in a foreign language, live with a French host family, and experience all that France has to offer.

Any major can participate in this language-focused study abroad, and French language skills are not required as language courses range from complete beginner to advanced. Students can study for a full semester, year, or during the summer session. Students are also able to add special activities and/or excursions to their program package. Former excursions include destinations like Mont Saint Michele, Normandy, chateaux in the Loire Valley, etc.


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EM Strasbourg Business School

Exchange Programs - Short-term Summer Programs
EM Strasbourg is a part of the University of Strasbourg in northeast France, just west of the German border. EM Strasbourg annually hosts around 500 exchange students from more than 200 partner universities worldwide. MSUB students can join the large cohort of international students in what's considered to be the center of Europe, in the same city as the European Parliament. This exchange is best suited for Business or related majors. Students do not need to speak French to study at EM Strasbourg as hundreds of classes are taught in English.

EM Strasbourg also offers a short-term, credit-bearing summer international business program, during which students are able to partake in English lectures, visit European governing institutions, including the European Parliament, visit multinational corporations located in the region, such as Mercedes Corporate Headquarters, and participate in cultural experiences like wine tasting and tours.


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