To participate in Study Abroad programs, students need to submit unofficial transcripts to the Office of International Studies. They must have completed 30 credits and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75. Some programs require a higher GPA.

The Study Abroad Program Manager will help find information about available courses before the student meets with their Advisor. The Learning Agreement must be signed by the student, Advisor, the Department Chair, the Director of International Studies, and the Registrar.

Study Abroad students must comply with the Montana State University Billings course credit requirements, academic policies and procedures, and bring back the equivalent of 12 or more MSUB credits per semester.

Before leaving the U.S., students should complete the Study Abroad Course Approval form for pre-approval of study abroad credits that will apply to a requirement for graduation, such as credits for a major, minor, or foreign language requirement. One form should be used for each content area. Courses on the Learning Agreement that are not preapproved may receive elective credit.

If a student withdraws, departs or is dismissed from a program for any reason prior to its formal completion, they may not be eligible for any academic credits. Should the student receive permission to return home early, they may be eligible to receive a grade of “W” on the University academic transcript. University tuition and fees may be refunded according to university policy, as stated in the Schedule of Courses publication for on-campus enrollment.