First founded in 1947, the Centre International d’Études Françaises (CIDEF) is the center of French as a foreign language and is located on the campus of the Catholic University of the West (UCO) in Angers, France. CIDEF is a nationally recognized French language institution that welcomes more than 1,200 students annually. This institution is well known for being one of the best French-language centers with regards to reception, premises and management. Students studying at CIDEF will be immersed in French language and have the opportunity to live with local host families for greater cultural and language immersion. Located in the heart of the famed Loire Valley, students can travel to picturesque castles and churches throughout the region with students from around the world.

 TestimonialMSUB Student Maria Sylvester in South Korea

“Hands down [my favorite part] was communicating with other students from around the world. Being part of a conversation where the only shared language is a secondary language at best was humbling. … It has raised my confidence in my abilities to travel around the world and provided me with a wealth of memories of a foreign country.”

- Wade Kerner, CIDEF, France Study Abroad, Spring 2020
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Academic Year

Fall Trimester (3 months): October- December

Fall Semester: October-End of January

Spring: February-Early June

Summer: 1 month courses (July-September)

students in FranceCourses offered

This institution offers an intensive French learning program that focuses on improving general written, oral, and language skills. After taking a placement test, students are placed in a course based on their proficiency level. The number of hours spent in the classroom is based on level of proficiency. In addition, there are other class options available depending on level of the language, the semester, and also academic and personal needs.

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Cost to Attend

The cost of classes depends on how long the student would like to study.

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CIDEF organizes guided excursions, either day- or half-day trips, throughout the Loire Valley or Western France

Single excursion = 70€ (±$85)

5 excursion package= 340 € (±$416)

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During the academic year and summer months, CIDEF organizes visits and cultural events. The program varies throughout the year.

Prices vary, depending on the activity.

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CIDEF offers two different types of accommodation options. One option allows the student to have a host family that allows the student to either have access to cook their own meals or partial meals prepared by the host family. The cost of both of these options depends on the package and whether the student is staying for a trimester, semester or one month in the summer. For these accommodation options, home multi-risk insurance is needed to be purchased separately.

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CIDEFStudents are also able to rent a private room from a nearby student residence.  This option offers fully furnished rooms. The residence halls have shared kitchens and bathrooms, along with a community living areas. This particular option is only available for spring or fall semester. The price depends on which package and semester option is chosen.

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Health Insurance

To ensure comprehensive and quality coverage, all study abroad students are required to enroll in insurance that is provided through the designated Montana University System insurance provider. Please consult with the Study Abroad Coordinator for further information. This insurance is affordable with a typical semester averaging about $200.

Exchange students staying longer than 3 months must also pay into the French Social Security System, which provides basic medical benefits. This cost is roughly 220€ (±$270).


Students who wish to study abroad in France for longer than 90 days must have a visa before departure. The university will provide letters of acceptance and housing certificates to selected students in support of their visa application.  It is also necessary to fill out an application on the Campus France website. Once the Campus France application process is completed, students will need to apply for their visas in person at the French Consulate in San Francisco, CA within 90 days of their departure to France. Various visa costs are associated with both Campus France and the actual visa.

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