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The Student Health Services provides health care for all students enrolled at Montana State University Billings. For those students taking less than seven credits, the Health Service fee is optional and may be paid at any time during the semester. Student Health Services is staffed by registered nurses, physicians, mental health counselors and a student health educator. Consultations with local physicians are scheduled if considered desirable by the University physician. The cost of these consultations, as well as laboratory tests and x-rays, are borne by the student. The Student Health Services is available eight hours per day Monday through Friday.

Montana state law requires signed and dated proof of valid measles and rubella immunization or a physician’s statement as proof of having had these diseases for all students of postsecondary education who were born after December 31, 1956. The Student Health Services provides immunizations for those students who need it at a reasonable cost. It is recommended that students have tetanus/diphtheria boosters within the last five years.

In the event of a medical emergency after Student Health Services hours, the student is advised to seek care at either hospital's emergency room or walk in clinics. The cost of medical care received outside the Student Health Services is borne by the student.

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