Kaelen Shay

Billings, MT
Class of 2019
B.S.B.A. Accounting


…it was clear MSUB would be a great fit for who I am and would help me accomplish what I want to do

Kaelen Shay


What activities, clubs or jobs you involved in at MSUB?

I am a sprinter on the men’s track & field team. I am also a member of ASMSUB where I serve as the business manager; in this position, I am in charge of the Financial Board. This position is my on-campus job. I am chairmen of the College of Business Dean’s Student Advisory Board and am an Accounting Club member. I also serve as a student representative on a number of university committees such as the University Budget Committee, Academic Standards & Scholastic Standings Committee, and the Dining Services RFP committee.

Why did you choose MSUB?

I have enjoyed the class sizes at MSUB. Speaking from the College of Business, the classes are from 10-20 students or so. This has made for a more connected environment for several reasons: the professors know you by name, more time can be given individually to a student in and out of class and you better know your classmates this way. Also, having the ability to take certain classes online is a bonus. Since I live off campus, it means fewer trips and more flexibility when traveling for athletics. I have also been able to finding parking relatively close to wherever I need to be, which can often be a challenge at other institutions. MSUB also offers great connections within the community of Billings through internships and programs like Next Gen. Lastly, the people I’ve met and become friends with have been topped it all.

What do you like about MSUB?

Get involved as soon as possible and as much as possible. This is what makes your college experience. It'll give you the chance to meet other students and faculty as well as take some ownership of your time at the institution and make it fun.

What advice would you give to prospective new students at MSUB?

Get involved and connect with different people, clubs, and organizations both on and off campus. You’ll get out of college what you put into it. Doing so helps you make connections you never would have thought of. Ask lots of questions, be curious, and experiment. Learning is a life long journey, but the more you do this the more you learn about yourself, which is so important for happiness and success. I would also recommend reading a book a month of your choosing, finding mentors, and cultivating passions that can be your places of release, inspiration, and challenge.