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The Academic Support Center provides services to support the academic success of students of MSU Billings and City College at MSU Billings. All developmental level math and English courses are taught in the same buildings as the Center, and tutorial assistance is provided in the Learning Labs to address the academic needs of students. Special educational delivery requirements that need to be addressed by persons with disabilities should be directed to the Office of Disability Support Services.

Writing Tutors

The Learning Lab provides tutorial assistance for all writing assignments. Tutors help students at any stage of the writing process, from topic selection to editing. However, all writing must remain the work of the students. Instead of "proofreading," tutors help students master grammar and punctuation, improve organization, understand research-writing formats and procedures, and develop other writing skills. Handouts and reference materials are also available.

Math Tutors

The Learning Lab provides tutorial assistance for students taking any 100 or 200 level math or statistics course. The Lab is staffed with instructors and student tutors who have majors in a variety of disciplines. Tutor responsibilities include helping students to understand mathematical concepts, assisting with homework problems, and monitoring make-up exams.

Learning Lab

The Academic Support Center Learning Lab provides tutoring for all students enrolled in developmental level Math and English courses. Tutors are also available to assist students with writing assignments in other courses, all 100 and 200 level math and statistics courses, and other subjects that meet the needs and requests of students. The Learning Lab provides workshops on specific topics such as APA writing style, graphing calculators, and basic word processing. Computer assisted learning resources are available to support the academic success of students. See the Academic Support Center website for detailed information about the Centers and the programs they provide.

Developmental Courses

Montana State University Billings offers a number of courses designed to help students succeed in their academic programs.

College Success Strategies

A&SC 101 College Success Strategies, orients students to the expectations of college-level study and basic strategies for success as a student.


ENGL 100 English Essentials is a course designed to help students develop their academic writing skills. ENGL 100 is designed for students who need to increase their proficiency in the use of the academic English language to the required level for entrance into ENGL 150 College Composition.

Tutors are available in the Academic Support Center Learning Lab to help students with writing assignments for any class.


MATH 101 Introduction to Algebra, covers introductory algebra concepts involving terminology, exponents, operations on rational numbers, multiplication of polynomials, and basic factoring.

MATH 105 Algebra for College Students covers concepts of linear functions and their graphs; absolute value equations and inequalities; understanding of the concept of rational exponents; quadratic, rational, and radical equations; the concepts of rational exponents; and logarithmic and exponential forms and properties.

The Academic Support Center Learning Lab provides tutoring for students enrolled in 100- and 200-level math and statistics courses and any student who needs assistance with assignments in most general education courses. Check the ASC website for more information on which academic areas are covered.