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Current Members

Executive Board:

Meaghan Reed-Chair

Chairperson - Meaghan Reed


HI! My name is Meaghan Reed and I am your guys' Student Activities Board Chair. I come from Columbus, Montana an hour away. I have 3 siblings and live on a sheep farm. By living so close to Billings, I was able to experience the Billings community before actually attending MSUB. This is what inspired me to join SAB; so I could bring my own ideas and a sense of unity to the MSUB community. When I heard the SAB chair position was open, I knew that was what I wanted. I wanted to be a voice and a leader for the MSUB community. I am excited to be able to bring both free AND fun events to the students here alongside my incredible team members.

Jorden Andes Secretary

Secretary - Jorden Andes


Hi there! I am Jorden Andes, I am English major, and I am the current secretary for the Student Activities Board. I have lived in White Sulphur Springs, Montana all of my life. I have two cats, one named after Maya Hawke and the other after Simon from Lord of the Flies character. If you cannot tell already, I am a major bookworm. I am only a freshman here, but being apart of student organizations like SAB and the Rook have been key experiences for me here. I am a major extravert so it is nice to hang out with the awesome people of SAB and the student body every week.

Mariah marketing 2024

Marketing Executive - Mariah Fogle


Hello! My name is Mariah Fogle and I am the Marketing Executive for Student Activities Board. I was born and raised in Lewistown, MT. I have three dogs and enjoy going to bookstores and coffee shops with friends. I am a junior in college and going for a degree in radiology technology. I joined SAB at the beginning of my freshman year and enjoyed being a part of the group. SAB has helped me to step out of my comfort zone and make new friends too! I encourage people to join because it is an amazing way to get involved with events on campus.

Kennedy Laci Treasurer

Treasurer/ Vice Chair- Kennedy Laci


Hi! My name is Kennedy Laci and I'm the Treasurer and Vice-Chair for the Student Activities Board! I was born and raised in Billings, MT. This is my second year in SAB! I'm an Accounting major and in my second year. I love puzzles and do them every chance I get. I joined SAB to get involved and out in campus. I have 2 siblings in high school also here in Billings.   

General Board:

Krishna Patel, Sean Khan, Kyle Erlenbusch, Nartach Garayeva, Allison Wipf, Yeongseo Choi, Isadora


Bailee Stenger, Student Engagement Coordinator