The Health Administration degree provides a wide range of career opportunities in diverse areas including marketing, foundation work, hospital and/or nursing home administration, finance, non-profit organizations.

doctors and administrators at a hospital
MSUB Health Administration graduates are prepared for a range of responsibilities administering health facilities and programs:

  • Hospitals and rural hospital management
  • Extended care and long-term care management
  • Clinics and medical group practice management
  • Clinical services managers
  • Medical informatics coordinator
  • Human resources specialists
  • Healthcare services coordinator
  • Community services coordinators
  • Health insurance specialists

The Chosen Few

The higher up you go on the executive ladder, the clearer the value of a health administration degree. Although healthcare management degrees comprise a small portion of business and administration degree programs, the majority of the top leadership posts of America's Best Hospitals (USNWR) hold degrees in healthcare management.

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