Our Department Chair can provide you with information on department and campus administrative procedures, or direct you to the correct campus resources. The Chair facilitates and maintains Health Administration (HADM) student and departmental records.


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Students are responsible for planning their own degree program and course schedule. complete a Plan of Study during your first term in the program, review it with your advisor for approval, and update it as needed. Your HADM advisor will provide guidance on problems and exceptions to your plan of study. The HADM Chair will explain the procedures for submitting your plan of study for approval.

Be sure to keep a copy for yourself, and check your progress from time to time--many times you will be able to answer your own questions. Please be sure to have an updated plan of study available when you bring questions to your advisor.

Advisors assist with:

  • education and career planning
  • plans of study, especially changes and exceptions
  • course/elective choices and approvals
  • cooperative education and internship (approve goals and documentation, review progress and problems)
  • independent study courses
  • letters of recommendation and references

Graduate Assistantships

Health Administration offers a joint graduate assistantship with Rehabilitation Services each year. Applications are due spring semester for the following academic year. Please check graduate assistant position announcements and application forms online.

To apply, please complete the graduate studies application and attach a resume; also notify the health administration office.