Welcome to MSU Billings Army ROTC!

MSU Billings ROTC is one of 4 Montana University programs to produce exceptional leaders for the United States Army, the Army Reserve and the Army National Guard. Our goal is to produce ROTC graduates who are SCHOLARS, ATHLETES, and LEADERS. Newly Commissioned 2nd Lieutenants are able to meet problems head-on and solve them quickly.  They know how to adapt to rapidly changing situations and to take charge, traits sought after in a military career and by civilian employers.

The United States Army is the greatest team in the world, and in ROTC students learn how to function as both leaders and members of that team. Enrolled students are known as cadets, and ROTC helps cadets hone their leadership skills and reach their full potential while still living the life of a normal college student. ROTC works with any 4-year degree and you even earn college credit for your ROTC classes.

Scholarships and Financial Assistance Available

You can join ROTC during your freshman, sophomore, or junior year of school. There is no military obligation for freshmen and sophomore students. ROTC works like a trial period for the Army. For the first and second year, your ROTC courses work just like any other on campus – you enroll in your classroom and 1 credit physical exercise courses each semester, attend both classes and lab, and earn both a grade and credit on your transcript. Joining the Army is a major step for anybody and this allows you to see what it’s like before making an informed decision. If you decide you want to be an officer in the Army – great! 2-year, 3-year, and 4-year scholarships are available. The Army wants quality leaders and will compensate you well for your commitment if you earn a scholarship.

Everyone has different goals and plans for life, and ROTC has a variety of options to help fit your life. Do you want to join the Active Duty Army? Or maybe the National Guard or Reserves? What do you want to do in the Army? How about after you’ve served your country? For help answering these and any other questions, contact the MSUB Army ROTC program. In addition to this site, you can find us at www.facebook.com/msubrotc, call us at 406-247-5733, or stop by our office on the 4th floor of McMullen Hall.