The Residence Hall Director serves as a member of the Housing and Residence Life Senior staff team and is responsible to promote and advance the mission and goals of the department. Specifically, the individual is responsible for all aspects of student life in his/her assigned residential area indirectly serving approximately 500 residents. This includes, but is not limited to, the daily management of the specific residence hall the individual is assigned to, program development, and communication and cooperation with a variety of campus personnel and services. The HD provides leadership and service to develop communities that are focused on student success, leadership opportunities, retention and inclusivity.  The Hall Director provides advisement to student groups, directly supervises 2-4 Rimrock Hall paraprofessional staff and indirectly supervises 12-15 paraprofessional staff. The HD is also a member of the on call duty and crisis response rotation. This position reports directly to the Associate Dean of Student Engagement.  This is a full-time, 12-month position live-in required position.

Supervises up to 12-15 paraprofessionals (resident assistants, summer operations staff, student maintenance staff, desk workers, etc.), and indirectly assists in supervising the remaining residence life staff  by:

  • Planning, developing, and implementing a recruiting, hiring, and training process for residence life staff and resident assistants;
  • Maintaining on-going evaluation of resident assistants/ workers he/she directly supervises as well as conducting at a minimum one formal semester performance evaluation for each staff member;
  • Taking steps to enhance the personal and professional development of the resident assistants/ workers;
  • Creating, implementing, and facilitating all training sessions, in-service meetings, and other developmental  meetings for resident assistants/ worker staff, in coordination with senior staff;
  • Maintaining scheduled hours per week including office hours, one on one’s and other meetings;
  • Conducting weekly individual staff meetings with all paraprofessional staff as well as one on one meetings with each paraprofessional in his/her area;
  • Terminating the employment of resident assistants/desk workers under his/her supervision when necessary in consultation with the Associate Dean of Students;
  • Serve as the coordinator of Family Housing apartment units, including but not limited to tenant check in/out, communication, walkthroughs, upgrade requests, conduct issues, evictions, programming and support;

Facilitates student community building by:             

  • Overseeing the development and implementation of staff created hall/floor programming and tracking each semester;
  • Serving as an advisor to the Residence Hall Association and hall council development;
  • Serving as advisor to committees and/or special project groups as requested and in consultation with the Associate Dean of Student

  • Engagement (i.e. Student Life Team, Conduct Review Team, Student Consultation Team, University Safety Committee, etc.);

  • Working with students to promote positive, inclusive communities;

  • Fostering an atmosphere that promotes a safe and welcoming environment for all housing residents;
  • Meeting with hall staff and other student leaders to address community issues;
  • Meeting with students who have violated the Student Code of Conduct or Residence Hall Handbook;
  • Collaborating with other professionals for campus recruitment and retention programs including but not limited to Yellowjacket Orientation

Program, First Year Seminar Course, Academic Support Center, Diversity Center, etc.;

  • Coordinate and serve as the primary faculty for the development and implementation of the 1st Year Housing Staff Class (fall semester)
  • Attending floor and hallwide programs on a regular basis, as well as eating in the dining hall consistently
  • Coordinating and facilitating the first six weeks’ student transition program (Yellowjacket Connection Program).

Prepares for emergencies by:             

  • Responding to emergency situations within all university housing;
  • Serving on call for a minimum of one week per month;
  • Participating in emergency planning for area supervised and communicating the plan to staff supervised;
  • Serving as member of the Conduct Review Team;
  • Keeping accurate records and documentation regarding Student Code of Conduct cases through Maxient system and provides senior staff with appropriate student information (as in the case of residential move to another hall);
  • Taking an active role in communicating with University Police Department regarding concerns and student safety issues.


  • Communicates the goals and objectives of the office of Housing & Residence Life to staff, students, and university community by:                 
  • Collaboration with Academic Affairs to develop and implement living learning communities (LLC) or special interest groups;
  • Assisting with academic interventions for area supervised including, but not limited to mid-semester warning meetings with students and as a case manager for the Academic Recovery Program;
  • Representing the MSUB and department to students, parents, and all who visit University Housing;
  • Maintaining appropriate and necessary documentation for the students within University Housing;
  • Disseminating and retrieving necessary information and billings for University Housing;
  • Become trained as a Title IX investigator and serve in this role as deemed necessary by the Title IX Coordinator.

Minority Student Retention and Engagement
Works with minority student clubs and organizations (LGBT, Hispanic Club, Black Student Union)
Provides one-on-one assistance for minority students, referring students to appropriate services.
Serves on campus committees as requested as a Diversity Center representative

Promotion & Marketing
Cull data and events to create one monthly calendar and social media platforms for inclusion programming. This will include but is not limited to events coordinated through the Diversity Center, Women’s & Gender Studies, International Studies, Native American Achievement Center and diversity focused student organizations.

Program Development
Develops and implements annual list of diversity events.  Provides oversight of all MSU Billings minority student event planning and implementation such as Power of One Week, monthly themes, etc. 

Hispanic  Heritage Month
National Coming Out Day
Day of the Dead event
World Aids Day partnership with Yellowstone Aids Project
MLK Week and Power of One Week Team Leader
Black History Month
Diversity Programs in partnership with Sodexo


Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor:

  • Meeting weekly with senior staff;
  • Ability for professional development within advising, getting involved outside of the University in the Billings community, and the ability to travel for conferences;
  • Serving on a minimum of one University, Student Affairs or Residence Hall committee as requested (i.e. SA Professional Development Committee, Assessment Committee, Student Leadership Development Team, Enrollment Management Council, Diversity Integration Group, University Safety Committee, etc).


The Hall Director must be able to react quickly and correctly in any crisis situation and often demands independent and immediate judgment calls. He/she must show appropriate judgment in utilizing other campus and community resources if necessary. The Director’s accountability is essential to the effectiveness of the total program.

No physical limitations that restrict performance during emergency situations or limit mobility throughout the residence halls. Working hours often fluctuate with weekend and evening duties.
A standard two bedroom apartment is provided for the live-in professional and general u-card compensation during the academic year to be used for meals, bookstore purchases, etc.


  • Bachelor’s Degree
  • Demonstrated skills in supervision, programming, student advising, conflict mediation, and response to crisis situations
  • Two years’ experience in residence life or student affairs
  • Demonstrated competence in public speaking, public relations, and written and oral communications.
  • Demonstrated leadership, organizational, and decision-making abilities.
  • Ability to promote activities using supervision and leadership skills 


  • Master’s Degree (Preferably in higher education, counseling, education, etc.)
  • Experience working with learning communities and special interest housing
  • Experience advising student groups and serving as a conduct hearing officer
  • Thorough knowledge of student and human development theories

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