When students are unaccounted for after 24 hours, they are presumed missing and the missing student procedures are invoked.

When a student completes a housing application, each student will have the option to designate a confidential contact within the housing application portal. This person will be contacted within 24 hours of the time that a student is considered missing. This information will be accessible ONLY to authorized campus officials, and will not be disclosed, except to law enforcement officials in furtherance of a missing person investigation. Law enforcement officials (including campus law enforcement) will also be notified within 24 hours after the student has been deemed missing. Students are encouraged to keep confidential contact information and their whereabouts up-to-date, as this will considerably help during an investigation.

When a student is reported missing, by any source, the University will determine whether the report is valid and, if so, institute action to find the student. It will also notify other appropriate law enforcement agencies and specified University officials. If the student has designated an emergency contact as provided in the policy, it will notify that contact. If the missing student is under 18 years old, it will notify a parent, or listed legal guardian.

Reports of missing students should be made to the University Police Department or the Dean of Students. Reports of missing students who reside in campus housing can also be made to University housing officials. The University Police Policy 312 delineates departmental procedures.