The Housing and Residence Life Department has provided wireless internet access in all residence halls rooms. All students living on campus will pay the $75.00/semester ResNet fee, which is included in your housing fees.

a student at his desk in his residence hall room
Technology Information

All students must have an individual student domain logon account to use campus computers at MSU-Billings. You can use this account on your computer in your residence hall room, lobby or on any of the campus computers. If you plan on bringing your own computer to use in the residence halls, you will need one with the following specifications:

  • Any Pentium class computer running Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7 (except Windows 7 Starter Edition) (other operating systems may also work, but are not supported). Intel or Power PC based Apple Macs with version 10.0 and higher. This includes Tiger, Leopard, and Snow Leopard.

  • Network Card: a 10BaseT or 10/100BaseT Ethernet card

  • Network Cable: an Ethernet cable rated for Category 5 use with RJ-45 ends. Do not attempt to use a telephone cord or other non-network cable with your computer.

  • Software: bring all of your operating system and software disks and serial numbers. Make sure you uninstall any file sharing programs, BitTorrent programs, and Skype (can use Google Talk).

  • Check with your computer dealer or manufacturer to ensure your computer system has the capabilities to add an Ethernet network card if it does not already have one. We recommend that you have your card installed prior to coming to campus. We are unable to provide PC support that does not meet the minimum requirements.

  • All program updates and virus protection updates must be current for your computer to connect with our Cisco Clean Access Network.

  • You are NOT allowed to use a router or switch of any kind to connect to the network.

  • If you would like your game console (xbox, PS3, Wii) connected to the Internet you will need to have it checked by the Tech Assistant to get the MAC address.

Connecting To The Internet

Use the following information as a guide to help you connect to the internet when you arrive on campus: