First Year Experience

Letters to You

Dear Freshman,


I know right now you are probably just arriving to school and possibly meeting your roommate for the first time. You are nervous but excited and filled with many mixed emotions. Don’t worry… we have all been there. In fact, I was in your place in the fall of 2013. I know how you feel and what you are going through. I also know what is coming in your near future. I want you to know right now, college is not what they make it look like in the movies; just like high school is nothing like High School Musical.


As you go to your classes, I want you to keep in mind a few pieces of advice. First of all, the teachers are not like your high school teachers and it will be very awkward to talk to them at first. That is OK. Just continue to keep in touch with them because it makes school a lot easier. Second, always go to class. Pretty soon it is going to be cooling down and you’re not going to want to walk across campus to class, but you need to. Trust me, it is worth it when you are acing the tests. Going to class will give you an upper hand during tests, but in order to continue to do well, studying is a must. Even if it is only a few minutes or even just opening the book (that is usually the hardest part), if you are thinking about the class and what you hopefully learned today, you will comprehend the material better.


Classes, homework, and tests are all very daunting when you first start to think about college. I have learned some very good ways to study that may seem a little odd at first. If you find someone that is willing to sit in one spot for say, about 10 minutes, you can “teach” them about what you are learning or what you did in class that day. They don’t even have to be listening to you or know anything about the subject. They just need to sit there and let you talk. This is especially useful for lecture classes, such as history.


Another quick piece of advice that no one feels the need to tell you when you move in is that you are going to want the window side of your room in the residence halls. You get all the cool air when it’s hot, and in the winter, you are right next to the heater. It is the best thing I have ever done, besides of course investing in a very good fan and a Scentsy.


Good luck this year! You will do great!




A former freshman


P.S. Get a good, thick mattress pad, too!


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