First Year Experience

Letters to You

Dear Incoming Student,


The first semester of college is a rough one. Eventually, it gets better after you figure out your routine.


The first thing you should do to prepare for college is buy a planner! I personally learned that using even a simple planner makes a huge difference in my stress level. I would also recommend to do a walk-through to know the campus before your classes start. This will help you find resources that will become important throughout college. I was not able to get involved in a club or anything when I started college. I would highly recommend you get involved in some type of club to help improve your college experience from the very beginning.


My best advice is to never give up and to stick with your classes. College is not easy. It is important that no matter what obstacles you come up against, you never stop trying. College is going to be tough; you have to fight through the tough times to get to the end. A degree is always worth it! Take the time in college to figure out what you are really interested in and what type of career you want to have once you graduate. In college, find your true calling and passion. Remember not to settle for anything. Do not let anyone, but yourself, decide what your future will be.


No matter how hard it gets, think of the end result. Try not to let yourself get too bogged down with homework. Set goals for everything and know your due dates. Have your goals written down. Make your schedule with time for you to relax. The simple things can make a huge difference in your college experience. Make the best of your time in college!


Best wishes,


A former freshman


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