Seth outdoors

Seth Robertus, 22
Outdoor Adventure Leadership
Billings, Montana

“So for me, life is a climb, but the view is great!"" Seth Robertus.  [...]

Nic Reed

Nic Reed, 18
University Connections; Construction and Carpentry Program, City College
Billings, Montana

“It's definitely nice to be completing so much education a little early," Nic Reed.   [...]

Megan Thomas

Stephanie Slavin, 26
Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree
Laurel, Montana

"It wasn't until I entered MSUB and picked up a camera that I realized how much I loved photography," Stephanie Slavin [...]


Rye Libsack, 36
Sustainable Energy Technician, City College
Livingston, Montana

“I have so many options right now. They've set up a tremendous program," Rye Libsack.  [...]


Sonya Goes Ahead, 25
Elementary Education, MSUB
Pryor, Montana

“This powwow is very important to me, especially as it’s my last year at MSUB,” Sonya Goes Ahead  [...]


Andrew Sullivan, 48
Instructor, Process Plant Technology
Billings, Montana

“I wanted to create a hands-on activity highlighting neat jobs that young ladies could pursue,” Andrew Sullivan. [...]


Dr. Mara Pierce, 46
Assistant Professor of Art Education
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“In addition to bringing local perspectives into their work it’s important to have a sense of what is going on in the world,” Mara Pierce. [...]


Mariah Cattaneo
Biology, Environmental Science
Billings, Montana

“My advice to other students is don't wait to get involved," Mariah Cattaneo. [...]

Barb House in the mail room

Barbara House, 66
MSUB Print Shop Manager
Billings, Montana

“The people, definitely, were the best part of my job,” Barbara House. [...]

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