While there are courses offered every semester that have a research component (listed below), many of those are specific to a certain program, and your major might not offer similar courses. In such cases, there are still ways to enroll in research at MSUB. Here are the most common ways students achieve this:

  • Talk with your advisor about creating a research-based independent study.
  • Add a research component to a course you're already taking via an Honors contract.

Be aware that most research courses are for upper-level (juniors and seniors) or graduate students. However, if you are interested in research, the best time to start discussing those possibilities with your advisor is as soon as possible!

Sections with Research Components offered Fall 2020

  • ACT 499: Senior Thesis/Capstone
  • BIOB 490: Undergraduate Research
  • BIOB 499: Senior Thesis/Capstone
  • BKMT 342: Marketing Research
  • CHMY 490: Undergraduate Research
  • COMT 502: Research Methods
  • COMX 499: Capstone
  • ENST 490: Undergraduate Research
  • HADM 697: Capstone
  • HHP 598: Research Project
  • HONR 194: Honors Inquiry and Research
  • HSTR 499: Capstone
  • KIN 364: Research Methods in Health & Human Performance
  • M 499: Capstone
  • SPED 599: Graduate Thesis


Are you a faculty member who would like to add your research course to our list? If so, please email honors@msubillings.edu with the information.