For Emergencies, dial (x2222) from any campus telephone to reach the University Police or 911 for local authorities.

Medical Emergencies dial 911 first.

It is always our pleasure to provide the services listed on this page, but please note that emergency response takes preference over routine services.

Enforce Parking Regulations

The University Police Officers are tasked with parking enforcement. In addition to the officer’s, the department employs student work study ticket writers. Lot’s are patrolled day and night. Refer to Parking Regulations for more information.

Building Safety Checks

The University Police conducts monthly safety checks across campus.

Safety Escort

MSU Billings campus is relatively crime free. However, one of our primary interests is the safety of all persons while on campus. A uniformed officer will provide anyone a personal escort to their vehicle or another location on campus. You can arrange this by calling (x2147).

Fire Code Inspections

University Police conducts Fire Code Inspections with the cooperation of the Montana State University Fire Marshal.

Lockout Services

University Police may be able to provide lockout services for students, faculty, staff and visitors. Lockout services will only be provided to the person authorized access to the particular area (Residence Hall, Academic Building, Rooms or Buildings for events, and Classrooms). If you would like access to an academic space, the requestor should discuss their needs with the department responsible for that area first. You can arrange for University Police assistance by calling (x2147).

Motor Vehicle Assistance

Lock your keys in the car? We may be able to open your vehicle. Officers have tools to provide access to locked motor vehicles, and have a relatively high success rate, however, particularly with newer cars, there is no guarantee we will be able to open the car, thus we prefer not to attempt to open vehicles with power windows or power door locks. These types of vehicles might be damaged by mechanical opening methods. The person requesting the lockout assistance must provide proof of ownership of the vehicle. Officers can assist in contacting a locksmith or a tow service.

Note: Our tools will not open trunks; only to the passenger compartments. There are local locksmiths who are able to supplement these services.

Jumpstarts: Car battery gone dead? This is quite common on campus during the winter. An officer will respond as soon as possible and jumpstart your car.


University Police Officers give presentations to community and university members in the areas of safety, security, alcohol/drug abuse, sexual assault/domestic assault or any other topics related to university policing.

Lost and Found

The University Police department has established a policy on dealing with lost and found property congruent with our value to serve and allows for the limited storage capacity.

Procedure: In an effort to achieve our goals of returning lost items to their owners in a timely and efficient manner, the University Police Department needs assistance from everyone on campus that accepts lost and found property. To better serve the campus community, when accepting lost items the procedure delineated in this policy shall be followed.

In general: The University Police Department will not accept perishable items (food), soiled or odorous clothing (shoes, jackets, or other items of apparel), or miscellaneous loose papers and notebooks. Items of this nature turned into the University Police will be discarded.

Each campus building, including both buildings located on the West campus maintains a place to collect lost property. The University Police will collect and transport property to the University Police Department. All property will be logged into police custody by filling out a Lost Property Report. The item will be tagged with the case number, date when received, a description of the item, and the date when the property will be purged.

When an officer is able to determine ownership of found property, the property will be returned to the owner.

Finders claiming found property: The finder may claim found property that is not claimed by the lawful owner after 90 days. Employees shall not convert to their own use, or have any claim on property.

Unclaimed Property of value will be maintained by the University Police Department for at least 30 days. After 30 days the unclaimed property of value will to be either auctioned with proceeds donated to the Montana State University Billings, Foundation House. Or, donated to the Montana Rescue Mission, Salvation Army or similar charitable organization; and unclaimed property of no value will be discarded or destroyed.

Unclaimed money will be retained by the Department for 90 days. After 90 days unclaimed money will be donated to the Montana State University Billings, Foundation House.