This policy details the conduct that allows patrons of the MSU Billings Library to use its facilities and programs in a safe, pleasant environment, conducive to study and research.

Patron Conduct

The following guidelines are the responsibility of all library users:

  • Interact courteously with other patrons and library staff.
  • Maintain a reasonably quiet environment in study areas.
  • Maintain a clean environment.
  • Comply with circulation (checkout) and use policies of library materials.
  • Follow all IT policies when using university-owned computers or while connected to the MSUB wired/wireless network.
  • Dress appropriately for a public setting, including an upper-body covering, lower-body covering, and footwear.
  • Accompany all minors under the age of 16; library staff can make exceptions for minors enrolled in MSUB-affiliated programs.
  • Comply with ADA requirements for service animals, which are the only animals permitted in the Library.
  • Place personal items in a manner that does not obstruct the movement of others.
  • Attend personal items, which are not the responsibility of the Library if lost or stolen.
  • Use equipment and furnishings for their intended purposes.
  • Exit the Library in a courteous and timely fashion when requested by staff (for emergencies or other reasons) and by the posted library closing hours.

Behaviors that interfere with other patrons’ library use or with library operations will not be tolerated, including:

  • Creating a disturbance by yelling, running, throwing objects, or otherwise disrupting the learning environment, or the safety or work of library employees.
  • Initiating personal attacks through language or actions, including harassment or intimidation.
  • Consuming alcohol or controlled substances, or exhibiting behavior indicating intoxication.
  • Smoking, vaping, or otherwise using tobacco products.

Library Procedures

When library patrons do not comply with these guidelines, they may be asked to leave the Library or be escorted from the building by Campus Police. Repeated violations of library policies may lead to individuals being banned from entering the Library.


Last updated March 2024.